1. Herishi

    noisey electric parcel shelf

    Guys I have a 2007 s211 e280 with and electric raising and lowering parcel shelf/ cargo cover. It's nice and quiet going up but going down it makes enough noise to wake the dead lol. Any pointers? Thx Steve
  2. S

    Is your c350cdi w204 engine noisey?

    Hi, looking for some advice please regarding engine noise on a 350CDI. I have recently bought and absolutely love a fully loaded 350CDI on a 10 plate with 65k FMDSH but feel the engine noise inside the cabin is excessive for a premium brand, or is it just me? When driving sensible at lowish...
  3. design guru

    W220 noisey steering

    W220 S320cdi 2001 I get a strange binding noise from my steering when I turn the wheel at random times. Sound like friction but the steering fluid is fine and at the correct level. It only happens when I start the car and turn the wheel or usually when I'm parking. Not sure how loud the sound...
  4. JayCLC

    Noisey Auto Gear Box

    Hi, I'm new to this site and forum, so apologise if the thread already exists as I can't find it. My auto gearbox all of a sudden seems to be making a terrible noise in first gear. Does anybody know what this is and/how to fix it???? Many thanks, Jay.
  5. D

    c220 w203 noisey alternator pully help pls

    hi all can anyone tell me if the alternator is suppose to spin on the inside when the out side is held still.I have a horrible noise coming from the alternator so i took the belt of and checked the pullys and i noticed when i spin the pully and then hold it i can hear it still spinning inside...
  6. A

    SL320 R129 Noisey Front Suspension

    So with the front wheel bearings now tightened and both front shocks replaced along with their top mounts there is still a knocking/banging noise coming from the front suspension, most noticeable when driving over rutted and potholed surfaces at low speeds.The balljoints et al show no signs...
  7. J

    S500L (W220) - Noisey whirring fan sound from bonnet

    Recently my car has been making a annoying whirring sound from the bonnet. It happens win the fan kicks in when engine gets warm. I think the issue is the radiator fan, which is spinning fine but noisey. What could the issue be? any checks I can do? As for the part/labour? any idea on costs...
  8. abs

    w210 fan noisey

    Hi Ive had a little problem pop up on my e300td. The fan seems to be alot louder( sounds like its heavy if that makes sense?) , When i accelerate . I had some one look at it and he said i need two parts MA606 200 01 23 FAN COUPLING £34 MA606 200 01 22 N/STOCK FAN DRIVE £ 200...
  9. J

    Noisey phone on Comand

    I have a W208 CLK 430 with comand v2. A couple of years ago I fitted a 6310i car kit to the comand. Recently I now have a problem in that when I use the phone with the ignition on I get the sound of a pneumatic drill in the background, so much so that the phone is un-useable. Turn the engine...
  10. A

    CLK W208 Noisey Diff

    I've got an annoying noise coming from the diff. I would describe the noise as similar to a pad rubbing on a disc. Others have described it as an airflow kind of noise and another said it sounded like a cistern filling up!!!! All of which are fair comments as that's what it sounds like... I took...
  11. 230K

    Noisey Suspension on a 211 E Class

    Hi My brother has a 2003 E200 Kompressor Elegance and does not like the crashing ride. It is fitted with 225/65/16 and the dealer has even swapped wheels with another car to eliminate the tyres being the problem. I checked out the datacard and it is fitted with Option 482 Springs for higher...
  12. japimport

    noisey tick over

    i have a c200 sport 95 with 120,000 miles on her today i noticed when i started up the car it had a little rattle for half a second and then while it was warming up it sounded like a tractor it was a loud tick tick for about two minutes does anyone know what it could be and will it be expensive...
  13. SilverSaloon

    Belt noisey

    My 1995 E300D saloon has had a noisey belt since we got it. it makes a tappy noise all time time which is not noticable on my estate 124. it seems to be coming from around the pully attached to the power steering resesvior. any tips or hints on what can be done? is this belt relatively...
  14. z4hid

    C43 not recognising gears / some times noisey 3rd

    over the past weeks every so often my car doesnt recognise its in gear this only happens when im in neutral/park/standtill then put it in drive or 1st and it just seems to rev freely....any ideas? do i need 2 reset the gear box? if so how do i do this? also when i work throught he gears and...
  15. B

    W124 Lack of performance and noisey with it

    Have had a triumph today with my 1991 260E, many thanks to the chap who pointed me towards the over voltage thing on my posting a week ago. Once I had finally located the OVR thing - hidden under a black cover - - lo and behold the 10a fuse was blown... thinking I was on the brink of a Eureka...
  16. M

    Will this stuff help a noisey diff

    Hi guys, just as the title says, do you think this stuff will help my rear diff noise? Also... am I right by saying that a diff and a...
  17. B

    Noisey W202 250td

    Hi all, I have a 97 c250td with 85000 miles, and I know its a diesel but is there any way of reducing the dreaded clank(apart from buying a petrol version). Inside the car you cant really hear the engine that much, but it is definatly noticable from out side. It has just had the oil, fuel...
  18. M

    Noisey central locking system

    Hi all, just a quick question: The central locking system on my W208 is almost silent in operation. When I press the unlock or lock button on my key, the car unlocks and locks with hardly any sound at all. Perfect, I love it. When I drive off, I'm not even aware that the autolock/anti...
  19. pepper&boulou

    Noisey power steering pump

    My thanks to all at Mercman for being able to supply a replacement power steering pump after the bearing had gone on mine. It was a different part number from the original but went on my 300D with a couple of adjustments. :D Thanks guys you saved me over £100, Have a narna :bannana:
  20. design guru

    W208 Noisey Dash

    I have an noise which sounds like a stone jumping around behind my dashboard when I'm driving. I can hear it most when I'm cuising on the motorways. Can anybody suggest any common places to look. I've tried emptying the door compartments and the glove box but its still there. :confused:
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