1. T

    E250 C207 loss of power from engine, noisier when running

    Hi, I have a 2009 E250 Coupe. Today half way through a 500km journey the accelerator became significantly less responsive. There are no errors or warning lights! The engining is running noticeably noisier. I did 1,100km yesterday. I'm concerned this is a serious engine issue, I'm in France on...
  2. iscaboy

    MB diesels getting noisier?

    As I wafted past a clean silver estate E320 CDI today, then came alongside it at the junction, then wafted down the road when the lights changed (nice day so all windows down) I was struck by how much noisier and more "diesel-ey****" the much newer E320 sounded, and mine is 20 years old with 20...
  3. M

    CLK convertible - how much noisier than coupe?

    Has anyone any experience comparing the interior noise levels of the CLK coupe and convertible at motorway speeds? Is it a lot louder? I would like to get a CLK convertible but I often do long distances on the motorway and loud wind noise would drive me potty. Thanks
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