1. Braincrank

    noisy steering after long drive ...

    Well, I can only go by what the wife says ... Apparently it happened now a couple of times after a little drive that when the missus came back the power steering was making a racket similar to the noise when you turn all the way to max . I personally haven't heard it yet but it did so again...
  2. S

    Noisy fuel pump - pressure too high

    Hi everyone, W215 CL600 TT The fuel pump had always had a whine since purchase, so took it into Mercedes over here who diagnosed new pump + filter needed, so had them replace in February. Not cheap. Sound didn't go, so took it back last month. They say the pump & filter is fine and...
  3. B

    noisy engine W140

    I think I have the noisiest Hydraulic lifter tapping in the West Midland, my car a CL (W140) 4.2 1997 drives fine oil pressure good but need to sort it - have put in an additive but no joy - does anyone think another engine flush and oil change is worth a shot ? Does anyone know anyone close to...
  4. Adeinfrance

    Noisy propshaft

    Hi all. This isn't a Mercedes related question but I thought the mechanics amongst you may be able to confirm something for me. The propshaft on my Navara D40 double cab has started making a loud metallic click each time drive or reverse is selected, and sometimes whilst braking at a roundabout...
  5. V

    2012 SL350 noisy engine after service

    Hi all, The SL went in for it's 4 year service (>8,000 miles) with no issues before it went in. It came out with a tapping sound from the engine, as shown in the video below, but MB York have told us there's nothing wrong with it, and "it's just a characteristic of that engine, they're a bit...
  6. W

    C208 CLK230 - V. Noisy Kompressor

    Hi All, First post, wish it was a happier one! While on a motorway I noticed a strange noise as I accelerated which I initially thought was the exhaust blowing but after a bit of checking it is as the kompressor kicks in. It still seems to operate (although it was nursed home 90 miles...
  7. M

    W163 Ml270 noisy in reverse gear

    Hi, I need some experienced opinions/advice. Tonight as the Mrs reversed off the drive I heard a noisy squeaky once or twice per revolution sqeal . It sounded vey much like a metallic type of squeak/scrape . At first I thought it was a brake type noise and then possibly suspension as it squeals...
  8. C a r s e

    SL55 AMG (R230) - Noisy bottom Pulley

    When I started my car this morning it was making a really loud ticking noise, looks like the noise is coming from the bottom right pulley (indicated with red arrow in photo). Can any please tell me: 1) What this pulley does? 2) How easy is it to replace? 3) Part Number? 4) Estimated cost...
  9. S

    Is the petrol pump on your V8 or V12 noisy?

    Hi, Recently had the petrol pump and filter changed on my W215 CL600. Before that it was noisy, with a kind of whine and cold starting was a little jerky. Everything now is smooth ........... apart from the same noise. Took it back to the Merc dealer who did the work and they were very...
  10. Z

    Mercedes C Class W204 Sport Blue Eff Noisy on 65mh +

    Hi, can anyone advise if the noise of the engine getting louder as speed increases is normal on my C class 2011 sport blue eff. when the speed hits 65mph or near 70 mph the car is very noisy. Thanks Zahoor
  11. JasonIFA

    2010 ML350 Grand, noisy engine.

    Hi there, I've had a search and lots of noisy engine stuff however. I have brought a 2010 ML350 Grand with 46k on the clock. It is lovely and seems to drive well. However I am struck by the noisy engine, rattly like a bag of nails. Quiet from in the cab. It doesn't seem to be the early start...
  12. M

    Fan noisy

    Have a S210 320cdi, and have noticed that the big fan has started to get noisy, like a bearing has gone, can someone shed some light on this, is it an easy fix or has someone had this issue?
  13. Thehouseofbrown

    Noisy R129 auto box OUCH

    Hi all. Hope you can help. The auto box on my 320sl has been working beautifully, but since I have had it a year and am uncertain when the auto box had a fluid change I was just about to book it in (all other liquids, filters and consumable have been changed). However - quick trip this...
  14. S

    Noisy 240D

    I have a 1981 240TD with 120000 kms from new. It is very noisy (engine) and always has been. It has excellent compression, new injectors. Any hints on how I can reduce the noise? It is pretty sluggish (couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding actually) - any clues here? Thanks for any...
  15. J

    HELP! Engine noisy after oil change and flush W245 B170

    Hi everyone, recently we had an oil change to our car and our mechanic friend noticed a build up of sludge at the oil filler cap and he recommended we do an engine flush, so we left the car with him and he done the flush and oil and filter change. Picked the car up and off we went. The next...
  16. K

    noisy tappits on de-exccelaration/ vito09 115cdi

    Hi A concerning problem... Recently when driving along more in 5th and 6th around 60mph more so when going Back down the revs the tappits I presume make a show of noise. Bit like a rattle but goes away around 1 and a half thou revs Van has full service history but is on 100k. Also have...
  17. mattyv33

    W220 S500 noisy Airmatic pump!

    Had this for a while now, wondering if anyone has experienced similar. After about 3 weeks of owning the car it started making a really load groaning noise from the drivers front wheel - it comes on intermittently and seems to stop with a hissing noise when speed drops under 20mph. It is...
  18. Howard

    Noisy compressor on w168

    Hi all We have a noisy AC compressor on the little purple a class :( A bit of research suggests that the bearing can be changed ( thanks lofty ) but I'm curious as to the difficulty of this , being as I am about as technical as a teapot. So I'd need a garage to do it , but have no idea if...
  19. richard300

    W140 S320 - Noisy Tappets/lifters ???

    Hi, I have just been to view a 1996 S320 with 227km on the clock (141,000 Miles)..... I have recently moved to South Australia where everything seems to have done at least 200km and nobody seems to keep service history - but they do have their cars serviced frequently. This car is not perfect...
  20. Grovsie31

    Are C55's supposed to be this noisy on cold startup?

    Ive read a lot about cold start whining noise, which mine has, but it doesn't seem normal to me. First vid is from cold start, second vid is warmed up after 40 min drive. View My Video View My Video
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