1. Chrishazle

    Nokia 6300 Cradle, Phone and Chargers

    Thanks to dear daughter upgrading our mobile phones a while ago, I have the following surplus to requirement items : MB A204 820 41 51 Nokia Mobile Phone Holder for Nokia 6300, in original box, complete with instructions, in as new condition. This is the cradle that mounts onto the UHI...
  2. M

    Nokia 6210 for sale

    Hello I'm selling Mercedes Mobile phone NOKIA 6210 which came from my W210 which was imported from Switzerland. Also have for sale mounting bracket, which is mounted on the central console (genuine mercedes part). Phone is in good condition it works perfect (also with hands free mode)...
  3. L

    ML270 Comand - Nokia to Bluetooth

    Hi Ive put a deposit on an ML270 with a Comand unit, it has a Nokia cradle. Picking the car up Wednesday so cant have a good fiddle until then. I see on eBay people selling Comand Bluetooth adapters for £20. My question is, on a 2003 ML270 is it as simple as pop out the radio, unplug the...
  4. Timster

    Nokia 6310i For sale

    No longer needed - fully working Nokia 6310i handset. £45 Offers.
  5. S

    Nokia cradle bluetooth adapter

    Hi I have 2008 E280, it has a Nokia cradle, number B67875846 which is for the nokia phones, 6220, 6230 and 6230i. I want a bluetooth adapter but the ones I have seen appear to be for a slightly different cradle. Anyone know the solutions. thanks
  6. C

    Nokia ck200 car kit in w211

    Hi. Has anyone installed one of these in their car particularly w211? Is it plug and play or are there additional cables required. Thanks Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  7. D

    S211 Nokia 6310 doesn't fit

    It fits the cradle and works but the doors don't close, they seem to hit the top of the handset. I don't know if its a 6310 or 6310i or if it makes a difference but I thought it was the right model. Anyone any ideas why?
  8. B

    nokia phone kit fitted!!

    Good Morning all, New member here. I have a 2004 C220 CDI avantgarde with a Audio 20 system. the car has a phone cradle fitted with a bracket that goes in between radio and dashboard. I do not have an old phone to fit it plus it looks horrible sticking out of the dashboard. and it beeps...
  9. ShaunB

    COMAND NTG4 & Nokia Lumia 930

    Guys Anyone on here successfully imported their contacts from their phone? The import external data option is greyed out. Infact similar to this thread So rather than revive an old thread I thought I'd start...
  10. chubbs111

    wanted nokia 6310

    has anyonegot a nokia 6310 phone for sale please,just purchased an e320 cdi which has a hands free kit with a holder for a 6310.
  11. bob6600

    MB could use Nokia Maps in the future

    Along with Audi and BMW, Daimler are to buy Nokia's Maps division, equally shared for $3.1 Billion. Deal is just awaiting approval German automakers buy Nokia maps unit for $3.1 billion - Aug. 3, 2015
  12. modelman093

    Nokia compatibility.

    Not much of a mobile user and have been quite happy with a bottom of the range Nokia that talks to the Audio 20 system in my W205 C Class. Phone died and today bought a Nokia 108 which despite my efforts and those of one of the guys at Ashford MB failed to pair. The phone says that it can see MB...
  13. S

    Nokia 6090 handsfree upgrade to bluetooth

    Hi guys, I am new in this forum and maybe this subject has come up and you guys may have a straight answer for it. I've got a 2001 CL500. This came from factory with nokia 6090 handsfree kit which plugs in to a rj50 socket inside the armrest. I am looking at options to upgrade this and have...
  14. icewraithuk

    Old Nokia upgrade question

    Hi, I managed to find a thread a little while back about changing the Nokia 3210 cradle for a newer 6210 cradle so you could fit a bluetooth adapter but can't for the life of my find it again... So, and in a slight twist to the question - I have 2000 CLK W208 with Comand and the Nokia 3210...
  15. S

    Nokia 6310i connection issue

    Hello, I have a 2004 w211 with command aps including a Nokia 6310i in Carole. All worked fine until few days ago when pulled the phone out for some reason and put it back, the com and displayed, phone not available. Anyone had such problem and I really appreciate your help before going to...
  16. S

    Nokia cradle

    Does anyone know if it is possible to move the Nokia, cradle, from the passenger side dash to inside the centre armrest on a 2003 c220 if so could you give me some pointers please thanks steve.
  17. mbzclk

    Nokia Lumia 1020 - New 64GB Black, Unlocked to ALL networks & Free Camera Grip

    Hey guys, Got my unwanted upgrade for sale, keeping my current handset... New Nokia Lumia 1020. Still wrapped in all the original packaging 64GB Limited Edition Unlocked to ALL Networks Black - Boxed with all items (unused) plus free £20 Windows Phone Gift voucher...
  18. S

    The Primitive Nokia adapter in A class 2007

    Hello, Bought a second hand A170 2007 and found the I integrated phone kit is restricted to old Nokia phones. What is the cheap workaround for it.. If anybody has tried any alternative. Many thanks in advance. Cheers. S
  19. guydewdney

    w211 etc 2004 phone cradle 6310i nokia

    Cradle as removed from 04 211 part number a1718200451 with working 6310i in good condition. Fits into top section of the armrest in the connector. 25 quid inc p&p.
  20. C240Sport97

    New unused nokia 109

    I have a black one, for Vodafone. In box, new and unused. Nokia 109 - Simple Mobile Phone with Internet - Nokia - UK £30
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