1. S

    Non-Mercedes body panels

    Hi. It seems that I need to replace my aluminium bonnet on my 2010 E350 Avantgarde saloon, W212. I can find aluminium bonnets for around £350.00 however they are not OEM. Does anyone have any experience of using non-MB body panels? Thank you. Happy Christmas. Solarmer:dk:
  2. imadoofus

    Non-Mercedes Alternator Question

    If my car has a 80A alternator fitted, and it needs replacing, what are the advantages/pitfalls of fitting a 100A in its place? TIA PJ
  3. dougal74

    Non-Mercedes - Lexus RX 300SE For Sale

    In no way wish to hijack the forum but I also need to sell my 4x4. Lexus RX 300SE Blue 2001 Y 92,000 miles
  4. dougal74

    Non-Mercedes - Audi TT Quattro Roadster 225 For Sale

    Does anyone think I should take the offer of £9,000...hmmm, think not? :o Must sell as I (may be) am leaving the UK for Singapore. Feel free to ask any questions (and no offence meant by the advert to any SLK owners on here - horses for courses and all that ;) ). Audi TT Quattro Roadster 225...
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