1. S

    A noob e280 question (internal fan controls)

    Could any one explain to me the internal fan directional controls, I cant work them out, all cars I've had have had pictures of the driver then air flow to face, legs or face and legs, this has air flow all around the body even from behind, well I presume the button with the driver icon and the...
  2. C

    How do i check my 58 plate c63 oil? Noob question

    As above guys? Iam clueless lol also what we recommending? 5 40 fully synthetic? Cheers
  3. nabz1


    hey peeps, new to the merc scene always loved the sound of the amg's but never actually looked into owning one untill now..hope to purchase an e55 amg estate if i can find one as i have a thing for wagons. i hope to make some new friends and look forward to sharing a wealth of information with...
  4. T

    Noob here so apologies for sounding dumb

    I've not been a car owner for very long but i bought a C Class in December and am smitten. The wheels are tired and I'm thinking about either refurbing them or buying new ones. What are the sizes I need to look for? I literally have no idea. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. akula80

    Noob qu re 2nd hand becker

    Just bought a 12 c220 sport plus. I didn't come with the Becker so I bought one 2nd hand from a friend. Unit was 2 years old. When I look at the Becker website it has an option to download the latest software for €0.00 My qus are: 1: is it worth getting the latest software? 2: if I do can...
  6. C


    Hi All, I've just picked up my new (to me) 2003 E320 CDI Avantgarde. I'm new to the forum and new to Merc ownership. I'll post some pictures later on, but I have a quick question. On the the drive home, the multi function display came up with a picture of a car and a up arrow and the...
  7. H


    Uk fella just joined, and proud owner of a brand new Merc. My missus hasnt seen me since i took delivery !
  8. S


    Hey guys and guyets, my name is scotty I have a w124 230t :) can't seem to post a pic ?? :/
  9. JonnyShez

    Mercedes Noob! C220 Sport, Manchester

    Hi all, New to the forum and new to Mercedes! Deposit down on a 2008 C220 Sport in silver and hoping to collect Saturday morning if all goes well, meaning I'm currently just half a day in to what will probably be the longest week of my life! :doh: Nonetheless, looking forward to the step...
  10. D

    Noob intro

    Hello fellow members. I am quite new to the world of Benz and this forum. I have enjoyed my steed for around a year now and have several jobs to tackle. This forum has been priceless in helping me sort out some odd bits n pieces. Looking forward to being a part of this! Ian.
  11. ScottHarry

    Hi from an East Yorkshire MB noob

    Hi Guys, Bought my first merc back in September 2013 some 8 months ago and absolutely love it :thumb: I spent a lot of my spare time between April and August 2013 deciding on a used high spec 5 seater to buy for weekend use (put it on 5K mile max / yr insurance). I finally decided on the...
  12. M

    Noob returning to MB

    Hello all, I am a former c208 CLK320 owner Returning to the MB fold and needing to do a bit of fact finding before I commit to buy a car. I am looking to get a CLK 270cdi and will ask the relevent questions in the relevent sections. One for here though... can anyone identify the model...
  13. A

    Noob from the North

    I'm Aaron, from Newcastle Upon Tyne (near enough) and just came across to the darkside from BMW - I'm 28 and just bought a CLS 500 in Indium Gray 963 which is an UNreal colour when the sun hits it!! I will be doing a few modifications - hence joining on here for tips/advice, as per the rule on...
  14. E

    C55 noob

    Hi Guys Just bought myself a c55 amg today. What a beast of a car lol. Just need to get some decent floor mats now. Anyone know a decent independent garage in the Essex area? Or suffolk/cambs? Cheers
  15. jonp8


    Hi I'm a new member to the forum and just returned to Mercedes ownership. I had an E220 W124 for 5 years in the past, great car but unfortunately it was stolen. I now own a CLK 320 which I'm starting to learn about and enjoy! We also have an A140 which has been in the family for 12 years and...
  16. C

    Hello everyone noob ere.

    I'm a noob to the sight. Just purchased a 2002 clk 230 kompressor with the ugliest interior in the world lol. Have to say I'm liking the club so far. What are my best options for performance and cost etc. Thanks in advance guys :thumb:
  17. J

    Hi All - noob here

    Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been Lurking around for the past few months and have ordered a E220 CDI AMG sport which is being delivered in March. Ideally wanted a New C, but with a little one imminently due, I couldn't wait much longer. I still have my Mini JCW R53...
  18. D

    Noob into

    Hi all, Been hacking about in an old Vito for a while now with absolutely no problems. So went and got myself a 03 CLK 2.7 cdi having a few issues, this site was recommended as a good source for info specifically for us in the UK. So off to troll the threads before I post the obvious...
  19. jmwkent


    Hi all, picked up my first MB today and loving it already. Facelift W212 AMG Sport in Palladium silver with optional 19" 7 spoke alloys and reversing camera. Looking forward to giving it a good run over the weekend!
  20. H

    Noob on the block

    Good evening all! My names Harpreet reporting for duty from Loughborough in North West Leicestershire, moving over from the whole VW/VAG Scene to something a little more sensible! Recently sold up on my Golf a couple of days ago and will be saving to (hopefully) purchase an S55 AMG (W220) soon...
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