1. G

    Another noobie

    Hi , new to the forum , currently driving c220 Cdi but also on the look out for a nice C32 to mod :D
  2. B

    noobie who with a stumbled upon 202

    Hi everyone, Im Steve, usually a BMW man and have been for years, recently threw the keys for an e46 coupe at an ex girlfriend (not literally;) ) just so she would needed another car quickly, a day spent scouring gumtree and I stumbled across a p-plated, w202, with 60k miles...
  3. M

    Noobie with a CLK230K Convertible

    Hi Everyone, I'm Marc from Bedford and I don't know why, but whenever I buy a car it always turns into some epic quest that seems to take more effort than it should. Last night I picked up my 1999 CLK 230K Convertible in very dark blue with cream interior. Was this ebay auction...
  4. davidbilyk

    An Oldie but a Noobie at the same time!!

    Howdy everyone!!! Been a member for a while but went over to the dark side!!! S4 and then a 645 Convertible (insert hairdresser comment here!!) I am now back behind the 3 pointed star!!! Well almost ;-)
  5. K

    Noob help please

    Hi all, Not used the forum before so please be gentle with me :confused: Got a 2000 e320 cdi never had any real probs with it. Went on holiday a few weeks ago and when I got back the battery on my car had gone flat. Took it off and recharged it. Started up car and it's now in limp mode...
  6. T

    Merc noobie question re ipod connector

    Hi all - recenntly converted (after 15 years of BMW ownership) to my first Merc (CLK280 2007). Very happy with the car, but the iPod integration (factory fitted) seems to have a bad connector, as when I switch to iPod, the volume is low (sometimes the vocals), but if I put light pressure on the...
  7. J

    Noobie help

    Hi guys i am looking for some help i have recently joined and have not got enough in my post count yet to use the PM function and i am looking to contact someone (Nadeem) about some parts he has for sale and is local to me if somebody can either get hold of his details and post them up for me or...
  8. T


    Hello all, Raymonds the name and i'm from Donegal, north west Ireland. Just bought my first Mercedes. Got a C200 CDI Sport Edition which i'm very happy with. Looking forward to using the forum as i have a few questions regarding the car. Many on here from Ireland?
  9. CE230

    Noobie here

    It's been 30 years since I've had a car (PTW Rider) and have just bought a 1989 CE 230 coupé with 90k on the clock - barely run in:D The front wings are rusty but not surprising for a car of this age and looking under the bonnet it would appear that they simply bolt on, is this correct? Are...
  10. P

    Complete Noobie

    Hi, I am just about to have my first Mercedes (a 2004 C200 Komp Avantgarde). When I test drove it I noticed it had controls for a mobile phone but not the cradle or panel for one. What would I need to get my car upgraded to use the built in controls i.e a new center console or new car? I...
  11. st13phil

    Noobie Intro

    Just a quick post to introduce myself... Been lurking around this and other MB forums since I decided to buy into the brand and thought it was about time I put my head above the parapet so to speak. I've been driving Company Cars for the last 8 years (current one is a Golf GTI TDI PD 150)...
  12. Cronos


    Just purchased my first MB yesterday, pick it up next week. A 1999 E240 auto with 50k on the clock, FMBSH and in perfect condition. I think I'll be looking for a set of AMG alloys to finish it off. :cool:
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