1. Headhurts

    Dent Wizard, Norfolk

    I thought a recommendation may be useful to those living in Norfolk. I had a couple of dents in the bonnet of my E350 S212. Local dealership recommended Dent Devil who did come out and quote £100 plus VAT. I also had a quote from Dent Wizard who quoted £70 plus VAT. Decided on Dent Wizard...
  2. Spitfire

    Norfolk can be exotic

    I'm from Norfolk, was out for a drive today in Gorleston (on the coast next to Gt. Yarmouth) and long story short, saw a Lamborghini Murcielago being driven through the town centre which then stopped in a pub car park. I pulled into the pub car park a few minutes later and started chatting with...
  3. Taff814

    Merc-Pro - Wymondham, Norfolk

    Morning all. Had my car serviced at Merc-Pro in Wymondham last Saturday. Car was picked up, serviced and brought home. A 'B' service on a C Class coupe for £215 (Main stealer wanted £556). Booked in for a gearbox service (£199 inc VAT) Great customer service and very reasonable prices. :bannana:
  4. A

    newbie from norfolk

    Hello I have just brought my first Mercedes c220 cdi saloon w203 I love it can't get enough of it , I have a few plans different wheels , lowered and tints maybe a cheeky little map , can't decide what wheels to go for was going to go for the old monoblock wheels but not sure if will suit the car.
  5. Spitfire

    Hello, owner from Norfolk.

    Hello all Just a quick opening post, having owned only Merc's for the past 20 yrs or so. My first was a Black 190E 2.0 (looked fabulous when polished and clean, but a nightmare to keep it that way!). Next was a Silver CLK230 Kompressor, and my present car is a C350 Coupe AMG Sport, V6...
  6. B

    Hi from Norfolk - E250 cabriolet :)

    Hi, just registered on here after buying a 2010 E250 cabriolet. New to Mercedes cars so have lots to ask. Had it 3 days and so far enjoying it. I would like sat nav built in though so any advice appreciated. :thumb:
  7. W

    Servicing in Norfolk

    Am new E250 CDI owner, can anyone recommend a good independent for servicing in the Norfolk area?
  8. tanuie

    Norfolk broads

    Hi I am thinking about going on the Norfolk Broads for a few days in the summer. Any ideas please? Many thanks
  9. T

    Autotechnic Chedgrave Norfolk

    trawled through as many posts as i could on here looking for a local indie to service my 2007 w211, a few highly recommended including Autotechnic. all i can say is very very pleased with the service i was given. after last year with Robinsons being treated like a second class citizen this...
  10. W

    Hi from new member in Norfolk

    Hi all, not to many 508d owners on this forum but maybe some help for me from the few, my van is a ex Dutch NATO Ambulance 1986 now self converted to a camper.
  11. M

    Indie in Norfolk?

    Hi, Does anyone have experience or know of a good indie in Norfolk? I've not long had my E350 (11 plate) and need to find a good indie for servicing needs etc. Regards
  12. C

    CLK320 Newbie - indy in/near Norfolk?

    Hi all, Have recently changed my car for a 2004 CLK320 Elegance. Very happy with the car's overall condition, ran fine on test drive & has the Behr radiator. Lowish miles (63k) and stamped up service history. Since collecting the car from an independent dealer two issues have arisen. Firstly...
  13. S

    West Norfolk detailers?

    Hi All, Anyone know of my nearest good detailer (or even just a good valeter) to West Norfolk please- willing to travel a bit? Cheers
  14. D

    Hi from Norfolk

    Hi all, new member here from Norfolk. Just purchased an '04 CLK320 coupé Elegance in Iolith Blue. It's a nicer place to sit than my living room :)
  15. M

    Norfolk newbie seeking buying advice (E class coupe)

    Hi guys A little about me before i immediately start asking for help! Ive always been a modified car enthusiast and currently drive (and drift) my Nissan 200SX that i dropped a 4.0 Lexus V8 into. 1UZ S14 Drifting at Snetterton - YouTube I love doing it but recently my commute increased...
  16. R

    Mercedes Specialist Near Norfolk for 500SEC?

    Hi Guys, I've now bought a 1989 500SEC which needs re-commissioning after many years of storage. Had a pre-purchase inspection and the list of fixes needed includes aircon, seat backs not flipping forward, seatbelt presenters, cruise control and a fuelling issue. I'm near Fakenham in...
  17. alzieboy

    Newbie in Norfolk

    Hi All Have just px my Bmw E90 for a E350 CDI BlueEfficiency AMG Sport Coupe 2013 Iridium Silver with flamenco Red leather with lots of toys, pick up next week so will add some photos then , cant wait. First Question if I may ask here what W--- code is my car. In the meantime am finding...
  18. Grey Area

    Any Mercedes breakers in Norfolk/Suffolk?

    Could anyone recommend, or does anyone know of, an MB breakers in the East Anglia region? The nearer to Norwich the better really, but I can travel. Or is anyone on the forum breaking a W202 nearby? I'm in need of a windscreen wiper motor and a new one from Mercedes is, quite frankly...
  19. N

    Norfolk based --- Looks like I'm back...

    Hi all I was a member on here "back in the day" when I was running a C220 saloon for a fair few years and many, many miles. Sadly a leaking head gasket and eye-watering quotes for a repair meant that we had to part company. I always knew that I would return to Mercedes, to the point that I...
  20. D

    Hi From Norfolk

    Hi , My name is Andy and at the age of 51 and years of admiring from afar am just about to get my first Merc, a 1998 SL320 :D . Any other members near by in Norfolk?
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