1. damiandavis

    E63 7G-Tronic Box - Signs of wear or normal?

    Hi all, still a fresh faced padawan to AMG's so probably this question has been asked a thousand times and the answer is "they all do that". I've noticed that the 7G-Tronic in my 2007 E63 is smooth on the upshift and slightly lumpier on the downshift. seems to be 4th and 2nd that i feel the...
  2. Smart320

    Normal idle speed for ML 320 cdi

    Have bought a 2007 ML 320 cdi and when test driving it thought the revs at idle looked a bit high at about 850/900 . Can anyone tell me what it should be once warmed up
  3. merc85

    Is this Normal Behaviour ? Ft e55k lol

    Lovely day in Sunny Harwich, So i took Brutus into work to catch some Ray's, Blooming Paps get everywhere, Got caught in the act ffs:D
  4. WDB124066

    I always thought he was normal.

    Priceless. :):) Prince Philip admits he used to smash up royal carriages and even crashed one into a lake
  5. S

    ABC red then normal ?

    Hi everyone... My car dropped on the way home from work today ABC in red and it was as low as possible the front wheels were resting on the inner arch lining. It only looked like the front end had dropped the back was normal but the car wouldnt go up or down at all when pressing the...
  6. lfckeeper

    Is this normal when booking in at main dealers?

    I vowed never to give Mercedes Teesside another chance, however, sensibly, I began to think alienating myself from my local main dealer who are almost literally at the end of the road is a bit silly. So, with my rear springs needing changing I've decided to give them another chance (the fact...
  7. V

    C43 AMG- Is this noise normal

    Got a C43 AMG saloon about 6 weeks ago, new from dealer as a factory order and love it. Couple of gripes compared to the Jag XF I had previously eg. doors need to be pushed with a bit of force to close them whereas seemed to almost just do a light tough with the Jag and the button to close seems...
  8. M

    Is Light Turbo Noise Normal E280 CDI

    Hi chaps I recently started to notice the turbo whistle every so slightly with normal easy driving, when i rev the engine in neutral you hear it slightly too, is this normal in the colder weather, im just looking for reassurance. :rolleyes:
  9. S

    w123 200 oil presure gauge, what is normal?

    hi first tech question, my oil pressure needle just lives at the top of the gauge occasionally it drops to the middle when warm and coasting, is this a sign of leaky gauge, if so that would or something like a blocked breather thanks
  10. A

    Rpm drops is that normal ....e55

    Hi is that normal when I put a D rpm drop a bit ?also what's more interesting to me when I coming to traffic light ,breaking Rpm drop and sound like engine want to stall and in second coming back to normal rpm idle is that normal ,before I was driving a diesel and I didnt feel it/or I didn't pay...
  11. D

    Run Flat fronts and Normal Rears

    Hi guys I've been looking for a couple of new rears over the last few weeks due to low tread, and through enquiries I learnt that I should not mix normal and run flat tyres I drive a 64 plate C220 AMG and the previous tyres were Conti Sport Contact 5 SSR. There is an independent...
  12. AkisGr

    Switch from a normal suspension to airmatic on CLS 320 CDI

    Hi. I'm planning some upgrades for my 2006 CLS 320 CDI and one of them is the suspension. But i'm not sure if its possible to be done. So if there is anyone here that knows if it can be done,would be much of a help. Can i put an airmatic suspension to my CLS 320 who came with the normal...
  13. P

    tappy/clicking ml420 cdi normal?

    Hi. I've just part exchanged my 2004 clk55 for the above. It was kind of a spur if the moment thing that I'm not sure if I'm regretting. I read loads of good reviews on ml420's and went to look at one and ended up driving it home. Is it normal to have a slight tapping noise coming from the...
  14. S

    W211 e220 2008 - White smoke cold startup normal?

    Hi all When I start my W211 E220 (08 plate with 80k miles) I get quite a lot of white smoke for the first few mins when it's cold in the morning, once warmed up its fine, was just wondering if this is normal? It seems to start first time etc and seems to run normally too. Just did a quick test...
  15. S

    W211 e220 - holding onto gears when cold normal?

    Hi guys I've had my W211 E220 (2008) for a few weeks now and have noticed first thing in the morning when cold the car stays in lower gears longer before shifting, once it's warmed up it upshifts quicker and also feels a bit smoother, is this normal? My first automatic car so have nothing to...
  16. Ultrarep

    What is a normal maf reaging?

    I have an elm wifi obd unit and several apps that show all the engine sensors in real time as many on here do. Does anyone know what the right readings are for a good MAF? Or what constitutes a bad or failing one? Car gets good milage but just seems a little sluggish off the line with a short...
  17. MWCLS

    Is this normal?

    My sister has a B180 CDI 58 REG AUTO, she lives in jersey so lots of short journeys. She took the car in for a service today Jacksons they are not a main dealer but seem to have the monopoly on the higher end car mkt. I'll get to the point, they've told her she needs new front brake discs...
  18. Reggie-rock

    CLK AMG Alloys, extended wheel bolts, is this normal?

    I have 18'' AMG 5 spoke wheels fitted to my 2006 CLK 350 convertible and found out when purchasing a new set of wheel bolts they are extra long as the standard size bolts are about 10mm too short. Is this because these wheels which came with the car are from a different model or is extended...
  19. ioweddie

    Is this normal my rev counter needle fluctuating on tickover?

    Hi all just started to notice on my 62 reg c220 sport plus, the rev counter is not dead steady on tickover, either in park or drive (on auto hold) is this common or a sign of something like injectors etc Thanks Eddie
  20. c32andy

    is it normal

    is it normal for a c63 not to start if you have interior light on or stereo for a short time whilst engine is off?
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