1. OneForTheRoad

    a call out for the north east.

    anyone have a scanner capable of resetting my aircon , mb2 by icarsoft etc . many thanks . beer tokens on offer . :thumb:
  2. Greyman63

    Merc Care - North London

    Have to say that these guys are great! I use them for everything, but they went above and beyond the other day when they were flat out. After hearing that I needed the car to do a long drive in the coming week they managed to fit me in, diagnose the problem and replace a part ... And it was...
  3. FateSynchro

    W211 - E63, Gearbox issues - North East Specialist????

    Fellow AMGers My dads W211 E63 is having some random issues, it occasionaly gets stuck in gear and will only drop out of said gear when turned off and restarted. He said the EML came on once but has gone back off now. I have a scanner which i'll use this Friday, but i just wonderd if this...
  4. ACID

    MSL Performance NOrth Branch Dyno Day

    A day not to be missed guys, for those of you who live up north we now have mapping facilities near you. Don't miss out on this great event
  5. MancMike

    Van ploughs into pedestrians in North London, Finsbury Park mosque

    Details still emerging. One arrested. Finsbury Park Mosque: 'Several hurt' as van hits pedestrians - BBC News :(
  6. Brabus1408

    Hi from North Wales!

    Hi guys, Just saying hello to the forum community. I own a Brabus-modified/re-mapped C-320 CDI, which I enjoy tweaking (and sometimes driving too, lol) on a regular basis! :D Anyway, thought I'd join up so I can shoot the breeze with you guys, share some experiences and learn some...
  7. X

    Newbie into from the scorchio North East

    Firstly, newbie and second post in the MBClub website (cheating!!). Thanks for letting me in! :thumb: Got an old CLK 320 (W209) and an even older ML270 (W163) - Discovered Mercs 3 years ago and I can't see me ever buying anything else. That CLK is such a nice cabin to be in. I'm a big...
  8. mark44

    Recommended service garage north London for amg?

    Gutted. Just found out my local petrolhead service manager at temple fortune, London has left the country. Need to find an alternative main dealer with similar passion for amg. I'd like to deal with someone who doesn't just see a car as a way of getting from A to B! I'd go to a good...
  9. lisa110rry

    North Coast 500

    As anyone done this? It's a bit of a dream of mine, but I doubt I'll do it as I strongly suspect my husband would now not be able to get in/out of my little car due to arthritis. I look at this website so often. So, anyone done it? Anyone done it in a very old car? Best...
  10. FateSynchro

    North East indies????

    As above basically looking for someone in the north east, ideally teesside area but wiling to travel. Need to have Star/xentry and be able to update software as im looking for software updates at less than a million pounds which is what Merc will want!
  11. N

    MB Mechanic in North West

    Hi, I have a 1986 300SL Mercedes, which I have had for 10 years and is in good condition nut now in need of a little TLC...I am looking for a good mechanic/garage, preferably based in the north west (UK)...I could go to the SL shop, but was looking for something more local, and don't really...
  12. ss201

    Mobile Mercedes specialist in North Lancashire

    A fellow Mercedes-Benz Club member contacted me today, asking about the whereabouts of Mick Gudgeon, who is no longer at Lime Tree Garage at Halton, near Lancaster. Until last month, Mick was joint owner (with his ex-wife) of Lime Tree Garage, but they have sold the garage, which is now...
  13. merc85

    North Weald 8th may RWYB Drag racing

    Anyone else going? I will be taking Brutus of course:D Would be good to see some other Merc's. Sunday 8th of May, Get there early to que as it gets Very busy outside the gate even at 7.30am, Maitland Racing - North Weald Test & Tune Calendar The only thing you need to race is £10 for...
  14. S

    Smart repairers North West

    Hi Could anyone recommend a mobile scratch repair outfit in the Wigan/St Helens area at all? Cheers.
  15. lfckeeper

    Full camber caster toe alignment North East

    Can anyone recommend a full alignment place in the North East (Not MB Teesside- I wouldn't give them the s--t off my shoe or Prestige Stockton they always seem uninterested, which is a shame as both are about 4 mins away). Unfortunately the most recommended people on here (WIM) are too far...
  16. M.A.94

    Specialists around the north east

    Any recommended mercedes benz specialist around the north east, ideally in newcastle or Gateshead? Thanks
  17. D

    Non Merc servicing in North Herts

    Having only once used an independent garage for servicing, who subsequently adjusted my accelerator cable and washed my car rather than service it I have not used one in the 15 years since. I have serviced all my own cars since with the exception of my old W202 that went to Merc because it...
  18. Peter DLM

    E63 COMAND thinks I'm in the north sea

    So I was returning from Calais on the Eurotunnel and all seemed fine until I disembarked in Folkestone and the car still thought it was in Calais. It worked fine going the other way!:rolleyes: As I drove home we ended up somewhere in the north sea 100 miles west of Felixstow. :doh: I've...
  19. Herishi

    North Weald drag 31st July

    So I'm off to test out the derv after it had some of Acids loving attention. :-) Anyone else going? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. W

    Bolton / North Manchester

    Okay, so no one has any idea whats wrong with my wifes little W169 so I'll need to drop it in to a specialist - could anyone recommend one near Bolton / North Manchester? Its to validate a sensor error on a 2010 W160 A150 Blue Efficiency. I have iCarsoft codes but it wont offer any detail...
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