1. jamesfuller

    Classic car gtg, Northants tomorrow evening

    Sorry its short notice but there is a very informal classic car meet/show takes place throughout the summer evenings. Its the first one of the year tomorrow. Its NN9 0EP, behind the garden centre/nursery. There is usually a variety of old metal there, a couple of 107's last time too! If...

    Mercedes Northants.

    Went to Mercedes-Benz of Northampton at the Riverside Business Park on Saturday. Some amazing cars in the showroom. I popped in to buy the plastic cap for the ATF filling tube... too late, the parts dept closes at noon. One of the sales execs told me I might get one at Halfrauds!? Anyway...
  3. mr tibbs

    MB servicing in Northants

    Hi all Can anyone recommend a garage in Northants, preferably close to Kettering, that can service an older E320 (2002ish) competently and not think that I am rich :) Look forward to your replies. Many thanks Keith
  4. mr tibbs

    New member in Northants

    Hi all I have just joined this forum as we are selling my wife's Jeep Cherokee and want to buy an MB W210 E320 Auto Estate. I have owned a Mercedes before, it was an ML 270 but I sold it in a matter of months because it was so slow that I thought I was waiting for my bus pass to arrive...
  5. alexis.jones


    Anyone in the Northants area, would like to know so maybe we could orginise meets or santa pod runs
  6. M

    Parkham Garage in Wellingborough, Northants

    Got the fuel filter and sparkplugs changed on my 04 C230K estate at Parkham Garage in Wellingborough. Over £100 cheaper than the dealer quote. Good service and they even gave it a wash! I shall be back when I need a service.
  7. H

    Specialists In Northants

    Anyone know a good, reliable Mercedes specialist in the Northamptonshire area? It would help if they're cheap as well; mine is 190E 1.8 (91) so she really isn't worth steep labour costs. Cheers.
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