1. gr1nch

    Northern Italy touring route ideas?

    Hello forum members, The wife and I are heading off on a driving tour around Italy for about two weeks in May. One stop is definitely the Lake Como area Lake Como - Lakes - Travel ideas Any ideas for routes around Italy, preferably the top half, that would take in Como? We'd prefer stunning...
  2. EDDIE12

    Northern ireland wheel alignment

    Hi, can any Northern Ireland members recommend a good garage that can carry out a full wheel alignment on a facelift C63? Had a quote from Mercedes Benz Belfast @ a cost off £240.00. Would appreciate any feedback :thumb:
  3. ShaunB

    Northern Ireland members

    Guys Do any of you local guys know much about Creevy Autos NI? Seen them mentioned on a thread a long time ago, just wondering if they're still good with Mercs. Cheers Shaun
  4. E

    Imports from Northern Ireland?

    As it says, really. Is there any problem, other than physically getting the car here? I presume not, but one never knows,,,
  5. G

    18" Sport AMG sport wheels with Continentail tyres (Northern Ireland)

    Taken from my 2011 C Class. These wheels are the AMG Sport wheels which are silver with a diamond cut face. The wheels are mint - no kerb marks or corrosion and are all completely straight - no buckles or damage whatsoever. You will do well to find a set of these in better condition...
  6. flango

    Northern Ireland GTG?

    Looks like I will be heading over the Irish Sea shortly to County Down. Not sure when yet it will either be before 19th January or early February. I was just wondering if we could get a GTG in or get a few of us together for a bite to eat and a pint. My usual haunt is the Holiday Inn in...
  7. Chrishazle

    Northern Spain / Portugal - Recommendations Please

    Starting to plan a trip next June to celebrate ruby wedding and wife's 65th birthday. Having some years ago enjoyed a 10 day trip to Northern Portugal (stayed in Viano de something or other and toured from there) we had far too little time in Santiago de Compostela, so are thinking about taking...
  8. KoFidee

    Northern Soul the movie

    released today at cinema available on dvd/Bluray monday story based around wigan casino been in the media all week some great memories and friends made there personally for me was a experience :thumb: Anonym zu
  9. M

    W124 specialist in Northern Ireland?

    Hi guys, Anyone out there know of a Mercedes Specialist in Northern Ireland, I know of a few outside Dublin, but too far for me for a service or work. Anywhere around the border area would be great, Thanks
  10. def90cars

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Well done to all who voted - 85% turn out!! Personally I am happy.
  11. MercedesDriver

    Trip to Northern Itale

    I'm planning a summer trip to North Italy and would appreciate members suggestions on Franch and Swiss roads. The idea is to enjoy scenery of Franch, Swiss and Italian Alps. I was thinking of following route: E17 to Macon F E21 to Geneva CH E25 to Turin I E717 to Savona I Has anyone got any...
  12. C

    Exahaust upgrade Northern Ireland

    I am looking to unleash more sound potential from my V8/exhaust. Any gd places for for such an upgrade without error messages on dash
  13. T

    Merc mechanics in Northern Ireland

    Good morning all, Would anyone know of any Mercedes mechanics in Northern Ireland. Preferrably one that I won't need to mortgage the house to pay:D
  14. horgantrevor

    Largest gantery crane in northern europe time laps video Hi I'm currently working at this site nice little video
  15. Mr Storm

    Greetings from Northern Ireland

    Greetings all, considering a return to the Mercedes fold so thought it best to sign up and research my next purchase. Previously owned a W124 E250 diesel and adored it, in fact it's the only car I ever regret selling. Currently own an E34 BMW which I have decided to put into storage but...
  16. J

    Northern Ireland Road Safety Adverts (Hard Hitting) Pardon the pun

    This is a few videos of our Road Safety campaign here in Northern ireland. Hopefully some of you take it on board and take abit more care when driving. Most mainlanders are shocked when they see these. So please be advised. And take care of yourselfs and others on the roads jaTmf3B9xVg...
  17. M

    Northern Ireland delivery charge

    Hi, just looking to know why ECP charges for delivery in Northern Ireland and offers free delivery in the rest of the UK except of course very remote areas. I could understand if they had no warehouse and store here but they have a large one in Belfast. Can anyone enlighten me?
  18. C

    Merc Indie Northern Ireland

    Hi, can anyone recommend anyone? I am in Newry
  19. A

    Driving to northern Ireland

    I'm looking forward to the road trip + ferry from Holyhead - Dublin, then the drive up to Belfast. Any words of wisdom?
  20. I

    Buying a used car from Northern Ireland

    Whilst passing half an hour browsing various car websites I spotted a rather nice car located at a main dealers in Belfast. Just wondering are there any implications/pitfalls/procedures to follow when buying a car in Northern Ireland and bring it back to sunny England?
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