1. S

    star northwest liverpool/chester

    Hi al i am looking for someone who has star facilities local ish to me in liverpool i will come to you and of corse pay , i need a w204 rear sam coding , as i've just purchased a new sam from mercedes due to water damage and my fog and brake lights are constantly on , i would really like to do...
  2. Calcifer

    E500 Limited and AMG Specialist Northwest.

    Once we are rid of the nasty weather up north, planning to have the cars prepared for Europe road trip come spring. Anyone recommend or have come across a reasonable indie in the Greater Manchester / Lancashire area for service of E500 and E55. Thanks!
  3. O

    Calling all northwest owners

    Hi all Ive been asked By a Japanese car club if we want to put our German metal up against there Japanese imports, in a Rolling Road shoot out The venue in mind is a 4wd Dyno Dynamics Rolling road based in Warrington, if we ger enough German cars to challenge the Japanese it will be £40 for...
  4. Carrsey

    Anyone used Webstar Northwest..

    Looking for a well respected indie and came across these Webstar Northwest I Chesire nice and local to me. Anyone used them before..
  5. Igurisu

    Reccomended wheel refurb in northwest

    Does anybody have any recommendations for wheel refurbish in the north west? Ideally I want to drop the car in and leave it for a week while I go away on holiday next month. It would also be great if there is a place that can fit tyres for me at the same time. I don't have any confidence...
  6. Aerialmark

    Northwest Mercedes + Curry Night

    Does anybody fancy a curry night at the Agra near Burnley on either the 24th or 25th of April. The Agra is easy to get to from junction 9 of the M65(2mins) it has good parking as it is a converted farm so is not near town centre so your prize possesions will be ok.It also does a very good...
  7. S

    Another great driving day, up the northwest, what are you waiting for.

    Yesteday I decided to take “the shed” for a run. It has not broken down or presented me with a bill or MOT failure for 2 weeks so I decided what it needed, since the weather was so good on Friday, was a run up the North West. I had in mind the Mull of Kintyre, but this is Scotland and as...
  8. dvb247

    Need an AMG genius in NorthWest - Cheshire

    Can someone help me get in contact with someone that can solve a flat spot or hiccup with my car. As you all can see it's not standard, Kleemann are down south, MB was a classic case of "sorry, computer says no" well, close, the star system showed no faults!!! Symtom pull away very slow...
  9. B

    anyone recomend indie in the northwest preston area

    wanted indie in the lancashire area new to the mercedes just got my first merc its a oil burner but its a merc i live nr preston
  10. verytalldave

    North-West Kent Indie - feedback requested

    Went out for a little drive today in the sunshine.....nice! As it happens, I am on the lookout for a local Mercedes Indie to look after my newly aquired W203. I was driving up Rushmore Hill in the village of Knockholt (near Orpington) when I noticed a sign outside an entrance to a farm and some...
  11. mobeyone

    A chelsea manager, Northwest and a MB..

    My brother was at uni and happened to be passing a nearby MB garage when there was a lot commotion.. A certain Mr Mourinio and a lovely looking CL:cool: Edited - schoolboy error.
  12. R

    smart repairs northwest

    Hi, can anyone recommend a reputable, independent garage that either specialises in, or has a good reputation with smart repair, in the Greater Manchester area? Any help/advice very much appreciated.... cheers!
  13. L

    Independent in the NorthWest

    Hi Has anyone any experiance of these guys?? Local to me and seem to offer the whole package
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