Changing security to Norton?

    Hi guys, I was using Norton 360 Gold until last year when I changed to MacAfee Livesafe. My renewal comes up in 10 days and I'm going to change so I am considering going back to Norton. PC World are selling Norton 360 Gold for £29 and I'm wondering if any of you advise otherwise. I have 2 PCs...
  2. Charles Morgan

    New car quote from Norton Heritage Fleet cover

    My new car arrives today and of course, I just remembered it needed insurance. So I ring Norton Heritage who handle all my classics and my absurd fleet. Jayne Devey there has looked after me for years, she is unfailingly sweet and delightful to deal with and their policies are normally...
  3. kit17

    Norton 360, version 6, Gold Edition, 3 PC's anti-virus software, 1 year protection.

    Norton 360, version 6, Gold Edition, 3 PC's, anti-virus software, 1 year protection. NEW. £1.99 start bid! Norton 360 version 6 Gold Edition 3 pcs anti-virus software, 1 year protection. | eBay
  4. Charles Morgan

    Heritage from Norton Fleet Insurance - Highly recommended

    I rarely have the opportunity to sing the praises of most companies I deal with, not because I don't get good service, but simply because most of the time I deal with someone in a call centre to whom I am unlikely to speak again. However, I wanted specifically to highlight a firm that has given...
  5. Charles Morgan

    Heritage (Norton Insurance) Classic Fleet insurance

    I know most don't have a fleet of cars let alone classic cars, but Heritage have recently launched a fleet policy and I have to say they have been a joy to deal with. The BMW 02, two other classics not yet named, but between them insured at agreed value and for 13,00 social miles a year (too...
  6. A

    Norton Anto Virus 360, Backup software and Bluetooth Headset For Sale

    Norton 360 Boxed / sealed. £15 delivered Backup software boxed and sealed. £10 delivered Bluetooth Headset New and sealed, designed for iPhone sure would work with any other bluetooth phone £15 delivered.
  7. splang

    funny norton ads

    4 different ads to look at - had me laughing! Norton UK | Facebook Special offer
  8. franey

    New PC Norton?? & Window Question.

    Just bought a couple of new PC,s from a member, a very good deal might I add!! 1: Every time I start up, the Norton anti virus thingy pops up and tries to persuade me to install and use it. I recall on a previous machine that when it had expired I found it very hard to remove. Do you recommend I...
  9. Ian B Walker

    Norton Motorcycle

    While on the Cumbrian GTG I saw this bike. Firstly I thought it was a Manx Norton but now I have my doubts. Can the panel help in identifying it please.
  10. ringway

    How do I remove Norton Protection from laptop?

    Does anyone know how to remove Norton Protection from a laptop running Vista? I just can't uninstall the blighter. :wallbash: Any advice much appreciated. Paul.
  11. Dryce

    Norton vs Firefox

    Had a call this morning from a friend who couldn't browse after Firefox updated itself to 3.0.4. So after being stupid enough to get involved in this timewasting exercise it turned out only Firefox was failing - moreover it was able to resolve the website DNS but couldn't connect. Firefox...
  12. grober

    Norton Internet Security and McAfee on same network?

    A mate has a problem with his home wireless network. :( It only has 2 computers on it-his desktop and his son's portable. They both had Norton Internet security 2006 installed previously. Now his son's Norton licence ran out and he has installed a McAfee security package on his portable. My...
  13. Benzowner

    Norton Anti Virus turns off

    Hi all, a little help if you would. I have Norton Antivirus on works computer and every time I turn the computer off and eventually back on:rolleyes: my antivirus is disabled and I have to enable it manually. I have checked for viruses with three different checkers, but no joy. Any clues? tia
  14. Howard

    Norton Antivirus 2005

    Hi chaps and chapesses Any idea where the cheapest place to buy this is ? i find myself needing to buy an original copy and i have not a clue where to go ....... don't want to get ripped off at PC world..... anyone got a copy they want to sell :rolleyes: many thanks in advance H...
  15. M

    Norton AV

    Another question.......was asked to look at the Aged Parents PC last night - Norton AV was giving an error when trying to do a LiveUpdate. Followed the links for support - downloaded the latest verison of LiveUpdate. Tried to install, just sits doing nothing, no activity at all. Tried to...
  16. D

    Norton Internet Security

    Hi, Anyone had any experience of this. I installed it a couple of weeks ago and the performance (internet) of my PC connected to the same DSL line seems significant slower. In particular web pages have a long pause before anything shows, and then the page appears more or less instantly. In...
  17. S

    norton not working

    Hmm it seems since intalling a Microsoft update and a Btyahoo one my Norton security programme cant be turned on and has dissapeared from the toolbar at the bottom of the screem. worse still I cant conect with my work or even things like British Airways on line check in ! help anyone ...
  18. S

    Norton internet messages

    Help - please ! my surfing is hindered by very messages from my Norton security system saying YOUR PC is attempting to send private information over the internet Norton categorises is as a High risk alert. and it put the alert as being in the category of Bank account. (rest assured...
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