1. S

    Hi from Norwich

    Hi all I'm Gary and live in Norwich, yep I know back and beyond :) Anyway fingers crossed I'm getting an old W163 ML270 Inspiration in the next week, I'd have loved to buy a newer one but I need something to get me round the roads in the Highlands this winter for my photography hobby and an...
  2. Ultrarep

    Any good Indie in the Norwich or Great Yarmouth area?

    Could any of the members reccomend a good and helpful Indie in the Norwich or Great Yarnouth area? My soon to be new to me 2004 E320 estate is likly to need a second home with extra spanners Any reccomendations appreciated
  3. tacho d

    Greetings from not so sunny Norwich.

    Hi everyone, succumbed to temptation and now the proud owner of a 2001 clk.230 This is my second Merc, the first being a w115 twenty five years ago. (two tons and no power steering.) Delighted with it, nice to see that so many years later the attention to build quality is still the same. I got...
  4. S

    newby from norwich with a clk 220 cdi

    hi guys , new here so any pointers a great help . also new to newer mercs , before i got back into fieldsports i was a bmw man so im quiet impressed sofar with my clk . been told its a pretty one , blue/black with black leather , semi auto with flappy padles , amg wheels and trim...
  5. M

    Coupe Mercs are just so common (Spotteds near Norwich)

    This morning I picked up the E Coupe after having an MOT and a couple of bits corrected. Anyway, I pull out of the Merc Specialist and within 200 yards, a beautiful 208 CLK55 Coupe exits their house in front of me. It was a gorgeous Dark Blue/Black, W-reg, with some 18" Carlsson alloys. We...
  6. W

    'Smart Paint Norwich' - Any feedback?

    Has anyone used 'Smart Paint Norwich'? Any feedback? It looks like a franchise with lots of subsidiaries (see bottom of page). Or can anyone recommend a mobile alloy wheel refurbisher in the Norwich area? Can polished alloy wheels be repaired on-site or do they need special equipment and...
  7. W

    B&B in Norwich area

    Can anyone recommend a nice but cheap :) B&B in the Norwich area. Ideally west of the city and countryside, but will consider most places if the price is right. The best so far is Guest accommodation Norwich for £38/night. Thanks.
  8. st13phil

    Norwich Union MSA Classic - 12th Oct 2008

    Anyone participating or going to any of the checkpoints to watch? A mate of mine is an entrant and I'll probably pop along to Silverstone tomorrow afternoon to take a peek. Should be some interesting machinery to see. More details here, and you can download a schedule of checkpoints, times...
  9. kusanku

    Nightmare with Norwich Union

    Has anyone here had any experience of Norwich Union Car Insurence? I'm having a lot of problems with them at the moment. I'm insured via kwik-fit as brokers, with the policy underwritten by Norwich Union. Two weeks ago, I had a minor collision, when somebody on a roundabout attempted to turn...
  10. I

    Independant MB serving in Norwich?

    hi all Just moved to Norwich with my lovely 1992 190e auto (immaculate cond. 74k on clock and one previous owner - my uncle!). Have used Mike Gayle in brum for servicing and very happy with service. Any thoughts on a independant for servicing in or near Norwich? thanks Teg
  11. D

    Today I have declared war on the Norwich Union

    Yesterday, I was pulled up at a police check point which was part of a nation wide day of action to check on vehicle drivers and their documentation. It was a random check and didn't involve the use of ANPR. Now my new Merc was swopped over on my insurance on Sat 8th March at mid day. Imagine...
  12. S

    merc specialist norwich

    hi, can anyone recommend an independent merc specialist in the norwich area?
  13. TonyE300D

    Major medical alert at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

    BBC News is reporting that a major medical alert has resulted in many ambulances queuing outside the hospital. All hospital beds are full and the A&E department is full with paramedics treating people in ambulances outside. The hospital is on "black alert" which is the very highest state of...
  14. kbhogalW126

    Norwich Union refused insurance if I fit a Brabus D4 kit

    Does anyone know which insurance company will insure a "chipped" car? Any experiences? I would like to fit a Brabus D4 kit to the CLK. Dealer wants circa £1200 fitted. Norwich Union have told me I cannot fit any chips at all because they will not insure a chipped car. tia, KJ
  15. Satch

    Norwich Union Pay as you go insurance.

    Lot of press noise about this. Good thing? Bad thing? Depends on who you are, where and when you drive. But some can barely conceal their glee: Rob Gifford, director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, said that the system would make it easier to prosecute dangerous...
  16. Satch

    Norwich Union launch Pay as you Drive Insurance Hmmm. Thin end of the wedge: Road Pricing & Speed Control next
  17. PJH

    Norwich Union - Pay As You Drive

    Any NU customers here ? BBC News Link Do you think it could save you money ?
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