1. K

    E350 CDI Estate 265 Sport (S212) AMG wheel part nos

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to check on this before I go further. I'm looking to do an exchange on my wheels for a refurbished set. I phone the company concerned FAWheels and asked them about an exchange set which they have advertised for W212 Saloon and they said that the said that the saloon...
  2. T

    W208 TIPT Gbox selector module Part nos?

    looks like My selector module has gone awol on the CLK 430 i had had trouble couple of years ago if car stood in cold/winter for a while it would not display gear and limit itself to 1st & 2nd until restarted from warm . However for the past 12mths its been fine no problems at all , but...
  3. Mr Fixit

    NOS & Italvolanti steering wheels

    My sons collection of rare NOS Steering wheels is for sale. There aren't many of these left. I have pictures but the links he sent me arent working so will add as soon as i can fixit:rolleyes: All of these steering wheels are NOS, and some are very lightly damaged (as described). Most of the...
  4. Satch

    W211 Door Mirror Part nos. help required

    Well this is an embuggerance. This afternoon forced way over to left by eejit coming round bend on my side of road and smote mirror on a dangling branch. :wallbash: Mirror shell intact, motors still motor and whole thing clicked back OK but mirror glass & backing unit gone into the...
  5. W

    190 Evo wheels Nos only three though!

    Seems strongish money and shame only three? Mercedes Genuine 190 EVO Evolution ll Alloy Wheels x 3, 17 x 7.5J ULTRA RARE !!! | eBay
  6. D

    help for research for specific models and nos year by year

    MERCEDES 350 SLC - How Many Left? MERCEDES 350 SLC AUTO - How Many Left? MERCEDES 350 SL - How Many Left? MERCEDES 350 SL AUTO - How Many Left? #!manufacture gives year by year split on how many registered and sorn if you would like to do research on specific model if somebody knows i am...
  7. A

    Need part nos for front lambda sensor for 2005 c180k please

    Can any one please let me know part nos for the precat lambda sensor for 2005 c180k please
  8. johnsco


    For some years, I have often seen coaches (not buses) on the roads with Irish Reg. Nos. Anyone know the reason why ? Is it some sort of tax scam ? Or what ?
  9. mixupz

    W209 2002 interior wood trim part no.s

    Hi all, Im after part no.s relating to wooden trim for my pre-facelift clk. i loved the wood trim on my old w208, and i wanting to swap out the silver trim in my current W209... Any help? Ideas?
  10. 300CE

    mercedes w124 series complete floor mat set in grey never used over mats nos

    mercedes w124 series complete floor mat set in grey never used over mats | eBay Another different style of mat from a different seller but wants a few quid for em: Genuine Mercedes W124 Rare Carpet Mats Grey Gray Excellent Condition | eBay
  11. W

    V8 Kompressor engine - Thinking of adding NOS???

    Iv been toying lately with the ideas of re-mapping, de-cating, resonator deleting, throttle body enlarging, supercharger pulley upgrading etc etc to get a little bit more oomph out of the old girl. The old girl being a 2004 S55 AMG Kompressor. Not saying she's not fast enough in standard form...
  12. 312 Sprinter

    NOS W123 chrome bumpers. + parts car

    I have a set of chrome numper for a W123. They're new old stock. One of them needs a polish but they've never been on a car. I also have two rubber top pieces and a couple of the joiners, I'm missing one corner; ergo I have the front an rear centre and 3 corners. They're the all chrome...
  13. 300CE

    4 hubcaps mercedes 220s /cabrio coupe Ponton 1955/60 new original nos

    Bargain :eek: 4 hubcaps mercedes 220 s /cabrio coupe new original nos | eBay
  14. A

    Determining a fair price for a NOS W112 hight control valve

    All, I have a NOS W112 height control valve that i'd like to sell and have been approached by a few people on the MB forums (not this one). As i'm not familiar with the W112, i'd like to get an idea of what would be a fair price for one of these valves. Can anyone help here?
  15. tpwuk

    Serious E55K Brabus / NOS

    Mercedes : BRABUS E55 K8 NOS 648bhp(TUNED) BLACK
  16. Rob77

    W201 AMG Body Part Nos

    Does anyone know the part numbers for the tow hook cover and jack point cover for a generation 2 body kit? Are they still available? My local dealer has been trying to help but is having difficulty. Edit: Oh, and the driving lights too.
  17. D

    HELP s124 Panoramic Wiper Part Nos?

    I am researching the replacement of my 16 year old mechanism and have discovered that there are up to 3 expensive bits involved:- 1 Linkage £76.20 A1248200341/241 2 Gearing £645.60 A1248202307/507/607 3 Motor £174.00 A1248200708/808 My question is whether there are any differences...
  18. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 e class centre console cover RARE N.O.S

    Mercedes W124 e class centre console cover RARE N.O.S on eBay (end time 04-Sep-10 17:42:13 BST)
  19. T

    Confused over Alloy Wheel Pt Nos

    Hi to all. My current wheels are Ronal, Pt No 2034010702 which i need 1 off. I have seen a set for sale on internet which look identical to mine but, are made by Algieba, Pt No B66470987 same ET (37), does any one know what the difference is and would this wheel be ok? Many thanks in...
  20. Venomous

    W203 Birdseye Maple Trim Part No.s

    I was wondering if anyone had the MB part numbers for Birds Eye Maple Trim parts - specifically the panels around the door window switches. The centre console part no.s are well documented on here, but I can't any reference to the rest. As always, replies most appreciated. Cheers Brian
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