1. whitenemesis

    My, What a Long Nose You Have....

    ... yup, the Tōkaidō Shinkansen has one heck of a snout !! Travelling on this train is more akin to being about an airliner. The seating and windows are very aircraft like. As is the speed, clocked a GPS recorded 189mph... Something worth noting is the total absence of litter on the...
  2. PurpleDog

    SL63 AMG (R230) with SLR nose cone

    Hi, Does anyone know if there were any factory fitted original SL63 that came with the SLR nose cone? I wonder how many were made? Thanks.
  3. tonyc280

    smashed head and nose

    Well folks i don't know whether it's as i'm getting old but always seem to be hurting myself while working on my car but the last injury takes the biscuit. I managed to slam my bonnet down on my head cutting it badly and also managing to push my glasses down onto my nose cutting the top of it. I...
  4. R

    SL back from having it's nose job..

    Got my SL back from TMS after some nose surgery.... bumper bonnet, wings and hardtop have been painted and blended into the doors.. It is looking fantastic in my opinion and I wouldn't hesistate to use Ians's paint guy again. :thumb:
  5. KillerHERTZ

    2011 SLK Spy Shots - SLS style nose

    2011 SLK Spy Shots
  6. AMG-Al

    Fined for blowing nose

    Can you believe this? As if paying for fuel and insurance whilst dodging speed cameras and potholes isn't enough, now we have to deal with this.....
  7. ringway

    Nose Job.

    I dropped this sort of clanger on many occasions. :o _eyBMdnz2CE
  8. proser

    Brown nose enjoy :D
  9. NW_Merc

    If relatives get up your nose :D :D
  10. blassberg

    Wife's nose put out of joint during Solent Lunch GTG

    him - enjoying drive back from Port Solent Lunch G2G :bannana: her - driving home from work when two busses came to an impasse. One reversed to make way.... onto her bonnet.... :crazy: We're insured thru Asda - who are requesting MB Solihull to collect and provide a courtesy car.
  11. R

    Test hand/eye coordination on red nose race track very addictive... you can also set up mini leagues :D fastest time so far 9.515. Have fun.
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