1. Haven't a clue!

    New £5 notes likely to be withdrawn due to tallow content

    Sorry to advise of above, please bundle them up and send direct to me, I'll refund 2nd class postage and dispose of them for you. (hopefully) Merry Christmas, Tony
  2. S

    S211 tailgate strut replacement notes

    I replaced my lazy S211 tailgate struts today. Here are a few notes which might help you if you are considering the job yourself. It took me about an hour to do the first side and 15 minutes to do the next side as by then I knew what I was doing. I got the new ones from ebay, listed as Febi...
  3. The _Don

    2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series Coupe review notes Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  4. P

    7G-Tronic & Tiptronic User Notes

    7G-Tronic & Tiptronic user notes I had difficulty finding explanatory documentation on the subject (beyond what it says in the owner manual), so am sharing what I’ve learned in case it is of use or interest to others. My only experience is with an 09 CLS CD320cdi without Manual mode, so...
  5. I

    Notes from the other side of the fence

    Not sure this is of any real interest to you guys but as a long term and fairly hardcore BMW pervert I wrote a small brain dump of my impressions of the C32 that i currently have. Bear in mind that these are just my thoughts based on my currently short term ownership.
  6. U

    Mercedes C63 AMG Exhaust Notes - Huge Revs and Powerslide have a word

    Mercedes C63 AMG Exhaust Notes - Huge Revs and Powerslide! - YouTube
  7. nigel cross

    MOT Advisory Notes

    She just passed her MOT today, but on the advisory notes it states:- vehicle tested in wet conditions,what does that mean?
  8. trainer

    Engine notes

    This may have already been discussed so apologies for repetition. We have a gallery on here for the pictures of all the members cars but wouldn't you just love to hear them too. I have just looked at an SLK55 that is all shiney and I want to hear it growl. Could we embed sound into the...
  9. Charles Morgan

    Belated notes of my Scottish Tour

    Many thanks for all those who helped me plan a trip to Scotland in May. Despite the odd thing not going exactly to plan, such as hotels full on days I hoped to stay, forcing changes to my itinerary, and a very hungover friend putting me almost two hours behind travelling up from Glasgow to the...
  10. Darrell

    Notes from (very) a small island

    Evening guys, My name is Darrell and some of you may remember that I moved over to Skiathos in Greece about 10 months ago with my wife,our little girl and my 1997 W202.If anyone has seen Mama-Mia this year then you will know where I am. We have recently finished our first summer season and now...
  11. kjay

    Another use for post-it notes

    Well I laughed!:D
  12. B

    s320 cdi reset service notes

    can anyone tell me how to reset the service indicator on this s320cdi w221 seriesthanks
  13. R

    Lotus Notes Info Required

    I've seen from an earlier thread, that some of you have used or are using Lotus Notes. The group I work for are currently in the process of rolling notes out across Europe and I have a few questions on it that I would be grateful if you could answer. - 1 - I have a number of automated mail...
  14. anarchy-inc

    Lotus Notes Hell

    Just got this cryptic message when using Lotus Notes today . . . "Cannot remove NotesDocument when instantiated by NotesUIDocument" Now, can anyone guess what I was trying to do when I got the message?
  15. SilverSaloon

    buyer wants to pay cash (in notes) for car

    hi as u may know i am selling my car privatly. Buyer says he will pay £16,000 cash in actual folding notes. is this wise? he is travelling 200 miles to pick up the car and plans to leave his current car (with keys) outside my house until he can arrange to come and pick it up...
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