1. T

    Comand - Late roundabout notice

    I purchased a new A180 a few months back and specced comand (as it seemed silly not to). One thing that bugs me is the late notification of a roundabout, I seem to have to be almost on top of it before it will tell me which way I am going to have to turn. Hopeless if I need to get in a...
  2. W4E300

    Do you think the hire company will notice...?

    A very good attempt at disguising a tiny bit of rear end damage - minor scratches really - and I'm sure they'll return the deposit......! Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  3. Spinal

    White Clip on Tie at Short notice

    I need a white clip on tie by lunchtime tomorrow for a tough mudder "not-a"-race... Any suggestions as to where to find one near Uxbridge or Newport? I tried M&S, but without luck... Needs to be clip on so I don't strangle myself... and white as the suit I'm wearing is anthracite... (or...
  4. grober

    Sbc brake recall notice

    Came across this comprehensive official recall notice on the early SBC brake systems. Thought it might be of interest to those with cars with this system = Early W211 and R230 cars. Don't raise your hopes MB will interested now of course but perhaps useful background info :dk...
  5. Beetnik

    Any legal eagles about? Enforcement Notice requirements

    Long story but we've been served with a Notice of Contravention under the Highways Act 1980 by the local council. It has their address, a name and email address and a telephone number on it. Email sent to the address in question bounces and I've discovered it's wrong. Long shot but - is...
  6. Rashman

    Short notice meet-up tonight (sat 30/6)

    I may be meeting Ricky at bluewater this evening for a catch-up and a coffee if anyone fancies it. I'm hoping to hear from Ricky alittle later today but if Ricky can't make it, I'm happy to still head up there if anyone is keen. :thumb:
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Parking Charge Notice - Parked over 2 hours

    Just got home tonight to be greeted to a Parking Charge Notice from 'ParkingEye' because I had parked for 3 Hours 28mins at a Welcome Break when there is a limit of 2 hours :doh::wallbash: The letter includes a mugshot of my car entering and then exiting. It says £60 if paid before Thursday...
  8. D

    C180 - Short Notice

    But how cheap? MERCEDES C180 AUTO /// BARGAIN \\\\ HAVE A LOOK AT LISTING. | eBay need to keep hand out of pocket...
  9. O

    Do you notice A/C using up more fuel in your car?

    I've not really noticed any great difference in fuel consumption for using the A/C in my last couple of cars, it doesn't seem to make any difference to fuel economy or performance in the E55, but then it's such a big tourquey engine that driving the compressor isn't going to make it break a...
  10. J

    How many notice this?

    I did it only yesterday fobbing to get change to pay bus fare. I thought someone gave me foreign coins. Next year it will rust and magnetic.:doh: New steel 5p and 10p coins a 'disaster' - Telegraph
  11. ShinyF1

    Penalty Charge Notice advice

    I have received a PCN in the post for being stopped on a taxi rank on a certain date in a certain street. Didn't ring any bells so have requested opportunity to view the evidence. A page of photographs has arrived today showing my car on the correct day exiting a side road, crossing a...
  12. Swiss Toni

    Car Door - Unique Notice Board?!

    I am looking for a unique notice board to put up in my garage - I was thinking along the lines of a car passenger door and use magnets to stick pics etc on it... This is off a W116, which certainly looks neat, but the rubber trim is a pain :doh: Can anyone suggest a Mercedes door that...
  13. Satch

    Notice anything?

    Sent to me by a friend. It is a list of cases dealt with by a provincial magistrates court earlier this week. Theft from the person of another – discharged conditionally for 12 months, to pay £60 court costs. Criminal damage to property valued at under £5,000, possession of amphetamine...
  14. Godot

    Special Notice

    It's getting on for that time of year once more so this seems appropriate. :) BBQ. RULES We are about to enter the summer and BBQ season. Therefore it is important to refresh your memory on the etiquette of this sublime outdoor cooking activity, as it's the only type of cooking a 'real' man...
  15. M

    Could not help but notice

    Had occasion to "pop in" to see Mr Walker at 124 works...spookily the mileage from home was 124:eek: . just thought I would share that with you all so you realise there are people with REAAALLLYYY dull lives out there. (Frankly I find it sad what catches my attention:rolleyes: )
  16. Mudster

    Notice of Intended Prosecution

    One of these arrived at work this morning. It's for one of our company cars and is actually nothing to do with me, however if we have any police on here I'd like to clarify something before I pass on details for the driver. This is for an offence that occurred on 30th December. The Notice of...
  17. H

    PCN notice for parking

    hi all just got a pcn in oxford for parking, fair enough but have just noticed that it states volkswagen and not volvo. all other details are correct, should i pay?? or appeal? :confused: In fairness was banged to rights as all the carparks were full!!! :crazy: thanks Hash
  18. D

    C220 cdi Auto - advance notice of sale

    I will be selling my C220 shortly when the company car arrives. Model: C220 cdi Auto, Classic, SE spec, alloys, leather wheel, leather gear stick, arm rest console, mercedes mats, rubber boot liner Mileage: 58,700 Service History: Full Mercedes Benz service history (aprox 10,000 to next...
  19. kikkthecat

    Did anyone notice ?

    Did anyone notice that today is St Georges Day or has it passed us all by ? And if so why ? St Andrews day was voted a voluntary Bank Holiday in Scotland last year and the Welsh and Irish celebrate theirs so why not us ?
  20. J

    Would I notice the difference??

    Been thinking about changing for a while, for another 'C' estate. Quite happy with the 200K, only thing is there doesn't seem to be many out there...but there are 000's of 180Ks to choose from. Now, heres the thing,, I've never even tried a 180 mainly because the 200K is just about quick...
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