1. Rctaylor1966

    Moved from iPhone 4S to Galaxy S3 Mini on W246 Audio 20 and SMS notification works

    Ell my iPhone 4s finally died and I decided to go down the Android route I was pleasantly surprised to find the car links in via Bluetooth to the phone and it all works first time i.e. Phone, Contacts, SMS and Music Streaming Seems the issue was with iPhone after all. :-)
  2. S

    COMMAND 2.0 Traffic Notification

    Hi, I have a W209 CLK320 with COMMAND v2.0 fitted. My question is on Navigation when i look in setting the words for traffic are greyed out and i therefore cannot access it. Unfortunately I do not have the COMMAND user manual, does anyone know how i can switch the traffic part of COMMAND...
  3. Stratman

    SORN to become a one-off notification

    Among motoring regulations to be changed is the annual renewal of SORN. It will continue until advised otherwise. Comon sense from a Government Department? Whatever next :dk:
  4. PaulE230

    Best place for Star ? I only need visual notification

    that I have unlocked/locked the car. For some reason this is not activated on my 96 W210 When I unlock/lock the car the indicators do not flash Wheres the cheapest place to take it to have this activated and how many £££ ? or is it only available at the dealerships Many thanks Paul
  5. glojo

    Notification of a Notification

    This morning I received a letter from my dealer, parts of which I will attempt to type. Dear Mr ...... As you are possibily already aware there has recently been some press coverage concerning a number of cars that DaimlerChrysler AG will be recalling, and the purpose of this letter is to...
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