1. 0

    Replace soft top Windows- Nottingham area

    Suggestions very welcome.Or ideas for improving vision through clouded Perspex
  2. JonoF1amg

    Servicing Recommendations - Nottingham

    Hi I'm looking for recommendations for a good, reliable, independent MB specialist garage in Nottingham. I would appreciate any information that would help in making a decision of where to take my car. I have always used the dealership in Nottingham. Many thanks
  3. C

    3rd party garage Nottingham recommend

    Hi I just would like to ask for help if anyone can recommend me an affordable garage to repair my 14 years old C-Class. I have been going to the MBNottingham for the past few years and find abit difficult to cope with their price. Today, I was quote; - Front break pipe £460 - Front...
  4. Bigrichw

    MB Nottingham - Indy

    Since I purchased my cls55 it needed dynamic seats fixing, a new crank case breather, belts, and hydraulic oil feeder pipe... So I'm told. This work has taken 2 weeks all thorough this time, no courtesy car, communication is dire, and every time I speak to them I keep being told it will be done...
  5. M

    Hello Newbie from Nottingham

    I have a 2001 clk 200 compressor 6 speed manual . i have had it for a year and the bodywork is a bit shabby. i bought it for a project that has lost a bit of momentum. I have upgraded the headlights. So the bug is back lol. Are there any members near Nottingham?
  6. R

    Oh dear - 250sl Pagoda poss engine rebuild reqd - Nottingham - any specialists??

    Hi everyone - longtime since i posted.....phew...i wish i hadnt fallen in love with these pagodas.....anyway.....cosmetically my car is now 95%...mechanically (and i am no techy) the "big ends and mains" need replacing...does this mean i need an engine rebuild....other than a tune up i've had...
  7. V

    Hello from Nottingham

    My name is Van and I drive an 89 500SL and an 04 CLK320. Sounds like an AA meeting introduction...
  8. S

    hello from Nottingham!

    Hello all! My mum has just bought an ml320 1999 and as I get the job of keeping it on the road thought I had better introduce myself ☺. Looks like a great site, lots of good useful info, friendly folks. Regards Steve Ps anyone in the nottingham area needs the fault codes reading/clearing...
  9. R

    Hi from Nottingham!

    Hi all, Just a quick introduction! Bought my first Mercedes at the weekend, always liked the older Merc's. So far so good enjoying every moment of it! I purchased a 1992 'K' 230e Saloon Auto. Will be used as a weekend car as I have a few others Currently on my drive; 2011 VW Polo 1.2Tdi...
  10. 219

    MOT test place Nottingham

    I have my SL booked in with PD Gough in Nottingham to have a stainless steel system fitted . I'm returning to them after being very pleased with the system they made for my W126 . Unfortunately , the MOT will have expired by the earliest appointment I can get at the end of this month , and I...
  11. I

    Hi from Nottingham

    Hi everyone, Just bought a C class 2.1 C220 CDI Blue EFFICIENCY Auto 2010 via a private sale, it's my first Mercedes and I must say a big change from the previous car's that I have owned (Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra). I've spent the last few days looking through the forum and I must say I am...
  12. markjay

    Parking in Nottingham... 'Out of tram's way...'?
  13. karlos280

    Just valeted by S&G valeting Nottingham

    Big thanks to Sean for doing a great job on my car,highly recommend. Located in nottingham
  14. karlos280

    W204 wing mirror covers need painting anybody recommend bodyshop in nottingham

    I'm updating the wing mirrors on my w204 to the facelift ones but the ones I've bought are not the right colour so the covers need re-painting,anybody recommend a bodyshop in nottingham who could paint them so they match the car? Thanks
  15. Satch

    The Curse of the Nottingham Tram Gates

    Has struck the house of Satch. These damn things were, according to an FOI request a couple of years ago, clocking over 5,000 mug...sorry motorists per month and raking in about £2.5m per annum for the Council. From what I can tell the Council has not placed sufficient advance warning...
  16. B

    hi from nottingham

    Hi folks. Great forum so thought I would join as I have some annoyances with my just bought merc and looks like some knowledgable people here!
  17. davidbilyk

    Nottingham AMG meet yesterday (Kind of)

    Met up with Jules yesterday to grab my air filters (thanks again Jules) Couple of snaps took!
  18. J

    Bodywork Specialist Nottingham

    Grateful for any advice on a reasonable bodywork specialist in the nottingham area - small bit of forward leading "edge" rust on lower section of rear passenger door on an e class w211 - thanks very much
  19. J

    Wanted E class Nottingham area £5kish

    Hi my son is in the market for a diesel E270 or E320 with black leather not white silver red or green thanks
  20. verytalldave

    Nottingham Council Clean-up

    Apparently Nottingham Council decided it was time to give their city a clean-up. Street cleaners were sent out to pick up all the litter. Trees were trimmed, bushes were cut back from the pavements.... One council employee took it upon himself to go just one step further............................
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