1. grober

    Terra Nova

    Coming to your screens shortly. Spielbergs new TV baby Terra Nova. Its what OUTCASTS might have been with a bigger budget. Sorry about the subtitles only HD trailer I could find. :o [YOUTUBE HD]pol5f7lly9w&feature=related[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. W

    Vauxhall Nova restoration project

    It's amazing the detail some people go to when restoring cars. Concours Project, full nut and bolt restoration (VBOA National Day Winner 2008) - Detailing World It's quite a old thread but I hope it's inspirational for those here who are resotoring their cars.
  3. reflexboy

    The Nova song

    How chav...INIT
  4. simonl

    nova squad rockin' big styleeeee

    pmsl. needs sound....... :rock: :rock: :D
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