1. Sanke

    Wheel novice

    Hi all, I'm going to change the wheels on the C63S and I'm struggling to understand the differing ETs offsets etc. Currently the car runs as standard : Front - 8.5J * ET 38 Rear - 9.5J * ET 56 5x112 Do I need to get exactly the same specs per wheel or is it a case or aiming for as close...
  2. R

    Exhaust Sound Advice - I'm a novice

    Hi Guys, Please be patient as it's my first Mercedes I've purchased. My only question was if it was possible to change the exhaust on my Mercedes C220 AMG to make it sound like the C63? I know one may ponder as to why, but not all of us can afford the C63 and have to make do with...
  3. roshe25

    Another silly novice question

    Hi I am really new to MB's,If I put to much engine oil in and want to take some out is there a dipstick hole somewhere on the engine.It is a c200 cdi Avantgarde auto. I have a electric vacuum pump from my previous car but I cant find anywhere to put the tube.(no wise cracks):doh: Please be...
  4. E

    Silly novice oil question

    I have a C55. I want to drain off a little oil with a pump extractor. I look for a mechanical dipstick and don't see one ... I assume I have to remove the filter by the oil cap to be able to suck any oil out? At the rear up against the bulkhead there is a red cap covering an inlet...
  5. S

    Novice seeks help re DAB record / play in E Class.

    Hi All, I'm a novice / beginner looking for some help / advice. I have an late 2011 E class E250 CDI which I use at work. My previous E class had DAB radio & was great but sadly my latest one doesn't. So i'm looking to see if I can record DAB at home & then play it in my car. I have a Pure...
  6. C

    NOVICE,! What have I crushed!!!

    Hey all, doing the odd DIY on the car, yes I'm the dreaded novice that should leave it to the experts, but I was just taking the rear wheel off to check the brakes...jacked it up (99 clk 320 coupe) with the most RIDICULOUS jack ever...when it kind of rolled of the jack and the wheel wasn't...
  7. kalvin928

    e55 kleemans from ebay... novice story

    Hi all after hitting my 40's I decided Porsche 928's were bit too tight for the kids so went through a succession of 'family cars' right up to bmw x3 2.5 sport.... realised wasn't using the car for what I intended.. boot wasn't getting used and the 4 wheel drive wasn't needed.. and for the year...
  8. poormansporsche

    C280 M104 Water Pump Change - Dooable by Novice ?

    alright, The C280 W202 needs a replacement water pump - is it possible D.I.Y with no ramps or anything with limited experience or is it a garage only pig of a job ? Also is there a replacement gasket or is it just a change the whole unit job ? cheers Brett
  9. CHOD

    MB Novice

    Hi all New to forum new to MB 4 days in to new C250 CDI Sport plus & loving it!! Liking the threads & general banter on here, look forward to chatting.
  10. BIG Sean

    Advice required for personal number plate novice

    Hi guys any information you can offer will be greatly received - browsing the bay one evening I happened to spot my initials SEC on a cherished plate X12 SEC - as it was a reasonable £120 a placed a cheeky bid on it of 123.23 - I won! Now I don't know what the next step is other than knowing...
  11. S

    how to load pictures??? novice.

    tryed to lad pic earlier kept getting failed msg format is jpeg and file size is 2.4mb ish, its only one pic??? any help would be great cheers stuart
  12. E200K

    Novice Question

    This may sound like a novice question, but what size engine does a 2001 W210 E200K have? :confused: Some people have told me it's a 2 litre engine and others say it's a 1.8. This issue has been bugging me for weeks. Cheers,

    ICE novice,, questions,,

    my 220ce 1993 has an ALPINE CDE-7825R cd player,, is this a standard fitment,,??,, and is it any good,, seeing that i know nothing about ice,, woofers,, crossovers,, subs,, etc,, read through all the ice posts,, still none the wiser,, recon a good set of replacement speakers will do it for me...
  14. Mozzer

    Novice question - re laptop rebuild

    I have a laptop that is full of old rubbish, but I do not have admin rights to be able to re-build it and / or put XP on it. Each time I try and do anything remotely advanced, it asks me for the administrator password (which I don't know). Assuming there is no data that I need and no...
  15. Jukie

    Tyre novice - help needed!

    My 2000 E320 CDi Avantgarde needs to be re-shod all round (215/55 R16 W). I'm currently on Pirelli P6000s. Should I stay with these or consider Dunlop SP9000s and Falken GRB FK 451s? I've no clue when it comes to choosing tyres, hence the post. I predominantly crawl 7 miles each way to and...
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