1. Mrhanky

    New NSX

    I dont do car finance, I buy my cars outright or not at all, its just something I feel more comfortable with. However the new NSX would seriously tempt me into a finance deal...........and I suspect I would need alot of it as well :wallbash: New Honda NSX | The Honda Supercar | Honda UK I was...
  2. SPX

    New Honda NSX

    I like it.
  3. grober

    New Honda NSX takes on NISSAN

    Here's a recent picture of the 2009 Acura/Honda NSX at the 'Ring. Evidently Honda Boss Takeo Fukai wants it to beat the Nissan GT-R's best time of 7:29. Wearing the now obligatory outline disguising paintwork it looks the business.:rock: Being a Honda it will probably rev to 10,000 rpm or...
  4. Goldfish11

    Tsukuba Battle - SLK vs Boxter vs M3 vs 350Z vs TT vs NSX

    This is great fun, all in Japanse but well worth watching the SLK should have turned its Aircon off :D . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRJkvpct_CM Can also be found at SLKworld http://www.slkworld.com/slk-videos/3716-tsukuba-battle-boxster-vs-slk-vs-m3-vs-350z-vs-tt-vs-nsx.html
  5. scotth_uk

    Honda NSX made into Ferrari F50

    Wow! This is amazing. :rock: NOTE: 56k people don't even consider clicking on this link. Your house will fall down. http://www.j-body.org/forums/read.php?f=6&i=54674&t=54674
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