1. ringway

    How can I permanently lock the Num Lock Key?

    The number lock key on my laptop is always causing problems by switching itself off. This is especially annoying when I'm working in my access database - I think I'm inputting numbers, but instead, I end up skipping through records because the arrow keys are active. :mad: I run windows 7. Any...
  2. markm730

    how do i find out the 'w' num?

    I keep seeing all these 'w' references for your vehicle, what do they mean and how do i find what mine is? C230k 1.8 2004 Cheers in advance
  3. SilverSaloon

    anyone know this part num or whether it can be bought!?

    W208 CLK (1999 pre-facelift) with orion grey interior. anyone know of the part number for this bit of trim? feels from the one i have (which is marked from what i think was a gear lever lock thing) can be removed from the centre console.... i only want to replace the dark grey soft plastic...
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