1. T

    Number Plate Replacements

    Not sure if this is the right forum but hoping it is... It's a pretty minor thing but looking to get aluminium Number Plate replacements for my car. With my previous Mercedes I bought it from a car broker who made private plates for me with his company's name as the slogan text at the...
  2. bigdom1957

    number plates

    hi all new here , i just got myself a c lass 220c cdi 2015 , im waiting for my private plate ,looked at front plate and it seems to be in a holder ,does anyone know how it unclips without me cracking it and is the back the same ,
  3. CowleyStJames

    S212 rear undertray part number

    Hi guys, I have a 2011 S212 E250 with a damaged rear undertray. Can anyone post up the part number so I can search out a replacement. I know that I can go to a main dealer but they won't give me the part number even after I asked him for it
  4. R

    Shorter number plate holder for W204?

    Hi all, Is there such a thing as a shorter front number plate holder for the W204 coupe? Standard one being circa 20" long. Looking for one about 16" to accommodate a shortened plate. Anybody know where I could get one? Cheers
  5. Yugguy

    Shock absorber part number

    Hello all. I'm thinking it might be worth replacing shocks at the same time as top mounts. I need the part number for front shocks T12TYG VIN Wdd2040082a187940. Cheers.
  6. optimusprime

    ebay item number 140992636494

    I was looking for a magnet to fit on to my spin on oil filter, And looking i came across this , Filter Plus i found it tucked in the listings . Ebay number 140992636494 Just put it on the filter right now .A clever idea and an easy fit . ..
  7. R

    Wanted Urgently: Knock Sensors part number: A0021537428

    Hello All, This is a pretty long shot but I need a: Knock Sensors part number: A0021537428 Does anyone, by chance, have this? My thanks in advance. RayH
  8. P

    Air suspension part number

    Hello guys, could somebody help me to find the correct part number of rear right air bag suspension for s211 with VIN WDB2112082B031861. It is non airmatic estate, September 2006. thanks in advance! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. BaldGuy

    Xxx number plate - obz51 xxx

    Another of my plates for sale..... OBZ 51 Will be on a retention certificate in days, no fees to pay... Msge me for more info...
  10. M

    Part Number Request

    Hi All, Require the part number for the following: - Passenger Side Rear Door Speaker The model is a S203 2005 C220 CDI (Estate) with Command and standard M-B speakers. VIN: WDB2032082F769894 I thought the part would be the same as the Saloon model, but then realised the saloon...
  11. A

    W123 230e Auto Instrumental Cluster part number

    Hi there, Does anyone know what the part number for an Instrumental cluster on a w123 230e Auto (mine is a 1985)? Mine was changed by a previews owner with one with a part number 123 542 2057. While driving it the speedo is showing speeds 10% faster then it is really doing? Any help will be...
  12. K

    UK number plates... Look naff!

    I may be on my own with this one, but I find UK number plates to look rather naff/unstylish compared other counties especially our European counterparts... When I say they look naff, I don't mean the letter combination or private plates (that's a whole other thread I'm guessing everyone has...
  13. C

    ID m112 engine type from engine number

    Can any one ID an engine for me. Looking at getting my project w208 CLK350 on the move... I took a picture of what I believe is the engine number on the Crankcase/Bellhousing I think its a 3.7 M112 from an SL350 (V6) Its the Round bolt pattern to the bellhousing which means V6, looks...
  14. M

    2011 E200 CDI W212 - Glow plug Part Number?

    Can anyone be kind enough to confirm the Glow Plug part number please for: 2011 E200 CDI W212 OM 651.925 Mercedes Part No? Also, NGK or Beru or Bosch - which are original and which re best please?
  15. spock500

    M8 URC number plate

    Hi folks, Might be of interest to forum members, currently on eBay (item number 332284114755) First time selling a number plate, hopefully both ads are within rules - thanks ----------------------- Currently on Mercedes E300 parts car, garaged and SORN. Transfer fee included but...
  16. M

    E200 CDI O2 Oxygen Lambda Sensor - Mercedes / Bosch Part number?

    I have got an error indicating: Error: O2 Sensor circuit slow response Bank 1 Sensor 1 (Upstream / Pre-cat) signal rate of change below threshold. Anyone able to assist me with getting the Mercedes / Bosch part number please? Vehicle details: 2011 E200 CDI (no stop / start) Chassis...
  17. E

    S211 Number Plate Lightbulbs

    Evening all, Wondered if anyone could recommend number plate lightbulbs for an '04 S211, did a quick search but couldn't find anything recent. I've just this evening had the error message appear on the dash for the left number plate bulb. Assuming it's the bulb, are the LED replacements a...
  18. BaldGuy

    Xxx 13 axg & 20 axg number plates on retention cert xxx

    13 AXG & 20 AXG A pair of plates I had on my cars, look great together on family cars to take the age of anything..... 1k each..... a deal can be done for both..... Cheers Greg
  19. R

    W204 coupe Number plate lights

    I am in the process of switching my number plate bulbs to LED on my W204 c class coupe, 2013. I have had access to the back of the bulbs but the will not come out, any more force and they may break. Ive changed all my interior bulbs to LED but these just won't come out, any ever done this?
  20. BrianWSussex

    Wrong W204/5 Type Number ?

    Can anyone explain the vin and type numbers? Purchased new C250d Sept 2016 definitely a W205. Noticed recently V5C Reg doc says Type W204 under the Reg date. The door pillar tag shows correct VIN number (W205). To the left of that it says Type W204. Can anybody explain those numbers...
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