1. Abb

    W202 C43 Subframe & Diff bush part numbers??

    As I have began to embark on the slippery slope of restoring a W202 C43, I have decided whilst I have the rear subframe removed, to replace the bushes incl the diff bush. Do any of you good peeps have the part numbers (as WIS wont work on my macbook :mad:) for all the rear subframe bushes and...
  2. Yugguy

    Help identifying part numbers

    Help. I cant work out which front top mounts I need. 58 plate c220 standard suspension. Any help with the mb part numbers would be much appreciated. Look at this on eBay Top Strut Mounting Mount W204 S204 2043200573S1 2043200573 Front 29479 | eBay Or Look at this on eBay Top Strut...
  3. N

    Part numbers request

    Hi. Bought my first Mercedes a few months back and just need a few parts to get it back in tip top condition and would appreciate it if anyone could help me out with some part numbers. It's a W203 coupe, vintage WDB2037072A699177 O/S check strap Boot release catch Antenna amp - the...
  4. B

    Part Numbers....

    I hope that someone may be able to help me. I have a 2016 C63s Coupe and really want to add the Edition 1 front splitter and rear diffuser. I know they will fit as the bumper itself is identical however I am struggling to locate the correct parts required. Ive tried a number of parts...
  5. H

    C63 Estate numbers

    Does anybody know how many S204 C63 estates are registered in the U.K? I had a look on howmanyleft but it doesn't give a breakdown. I see many coupes and saloons about but very few estates.
  6. Gbrowncls55

    Colour numbers

    Does anybody know if there is a way of finding out for a given mb amg model (cls55) how many UK cars were made in a given paint colour/ trim combination?.....something like how many left with colours!
  7. markjay

    Complex numbers - help needed

    Anyone.....? I am struggling to help my daughter with material I studied half a century ago.... :(
  8. Arronb

    Part numbers required

    Hi all Does anyone have access to Mercedes part numbers, wanting to retrofit power folding mirrors to my 2014 A class A45, so trying to find out the numbers for: Left door mirror, power fold Left door mirror, manual fold Right door mirror, power fold Right door mirror, manual fold...
  9. AMGeed

    All the numbers line up

    Only done 13k miles in her myself, but a milestone reached today. Luckily in the driveway when I spotted it.
  10. N

    First 1993 SL500? - chassis numbers

    Have been doing a bit of research on my 1993 R129 SL500 and was interested to see from Wiki that starting in 1993 for the 1994 model year, R129 were re-designated so 500SL became SL500. I am interested to find out what the chassis number of the first 1993 SL500 would have been. For sake of...
  11. manofgresley

    Interior part numbers?

    Hi All. I have a 2001, CLK 320 (W208) Cabriolet. I need a replacement interior panel for it. I have searched many parts sites on the internet, but no joy, Can anyone help please? I am looking for the part number for the plastic trim, that goes the full width of the car, at the top of the...
  12. andybond

    C63 Brake part numbers.

    Hi, Opening a can of worms here but does anyone have part numbers ( from MB ) for Front "standard" brake discs Front "PP" brake discs Front "PPP" brake discs ?
  13. P

    Linguatronic module part numbers

    Does anyone (possibly with access to EPC) know the correct part numbers for a 2005 (ie MOST bus) linguatronic module for a R230 SL? Alternatively...... Can anyone confirm that module A203 820 7585 is suitable for this car? Thanks to anyone who may be able to provide this information...
  14. John Jones Jr

    Need help with engine part numbers, please.

    Guys, I'M having problems getting onto the EPC, could someone kindly post a parts diagram and part numbers for me? W202 C230K. WDB2020242F778891 I need: Crank pulley bolt, woodruff key and front crank oil seal. Thanks in advance.
  15. Trickythemerc

    Comand Part Numbers

    Hi I am just looking at having Comand fitted to my W209 2009 CLK I have sourced a head unit that has two part Nos on the back. They are as follows A209 820 79 89 and A209 820 75 89 Can any of you confirm if this unit will fit my car. Thanks for any info.
  16. R

    SBC Part Numbers

    I own a 2003 W211.026 E320cdi, approximately 143k miles, currently fitted with the original SBC unit. I had the dreaded, but not unexpected 'Serivce Brake - Visit workshop' malfunction message pop up yesterday. Using my iCarsoft i980 I read two codes on the SBC unit: C249F - Service...
  17. L

    2009 E63 Brake pad part numbers

    Hi, As the title says can anyone tell me what the part numbers are for front and rear pads for a 2009 e63. Discs are the steel ones if that makes a difference. Also the wear indicators would be a bonus too. Thanks
  18. M

    Part numbers

    Anybody happen to have part numbers to hand for front pads and discs on a 2012 S204 c250 with the AMG Sports Package? Want to try and order this evening and struggling to find the numbers...
  19. Jessiedog

    E55 AMG IV Alloy part numbers

    Hi Everyone I am looking for a spare set of AMG IV alloys for my W211 original wheels are still mounted so can't see the part numbers. To avoid taking them off... Can anyone confirm the part numbers so I know what I'm buying, seems to be many similar sets around with different...
  20. A

    C63 507 estate numbers

    Hi First post here, just looking at getting a 507 estate Does anyone know how many there were in the UK as doesn't seem like many for sale? Thanks
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