1. merc85

    e55k numpty? lol

    Doh, seems very full of himself imho, only 8 available? really i make it more 22 pmsl. V8 badges in the wrong place to, no cooled seats either, ** MERCEDES BENZ E55 AMG + TOP SPEC + FULL S/H + HPI CLEAR + MINT ** CLS55 | eBay
  2. John N

    I have proved that I'm a NUMPTY!

    I received a £20 Amazon Voucher from Carwow and as I had been thinking “Hardwiring” my Dash Cam in and the Kit was £19.99 from Amazon I sent for it! :cool: Thursday Evening: I managed to thread the Camera Cable up from the LH Foot Well Fuse Box behind the LH Window Airbag Cover, found a...
  3. moonloops

    Powered mono-wheeled numpty

    Saw this doofus wobbling his way through London traffic today (which was more chaotic due to the tube strikes). :fail
  4. gl boy


    Lol , was trying to change my driving light bulb in my SL after the message came up saying which bulb was gone !!! Replaced the bulb ( so i thought ) with a new one !!! Mesage still on and light still not working !!!! So swapped the old bulb with the opoosite sides bulb !!! Still not working...
  5. poormansporsche

    Explain "Displacement" to a numpty please ?

    Allways wondered and never known ! What makes a 2 litre for example ? The C36 engine was a 2.8 M104 bored out to 3.6 litres - what does that actually mean ?? Cheers :)
  6. darrellr

    Numpty post about mixing tyre brands front and rear

    My e350 Coupe is 14 months old and my fronts had worn to "4-6-6-4" whilst the rears were a uniform 3 four weeks ago. I was thinking that I would simply replace the rears with new ones of identical make/spec etc form black circles the same as I did with my previous CLK. The tyres are all...
  7. kwakdonut

    Numpty moment....

    :wallbash: Hi all, opening my garage door to put my bike away, I managed to catch the bootlid of my car with the garage door!! Forgot that I had the boot open when I closed said door and then tried to open it with the boot closed d'oh......:wallbash: Result: Caught the rear MB star, now...
  8. SilverSaloon

    ebay numpty

    i recieved this email thismorning from a previous buyer: Over a year ago (08 jul 2007)i bought something (item nr XXXXXXXX) and never received it, after complainig and a redrawel of the feedback you would send it again. never received anything, will i ever receive anything or will you...
  9. D

    Get this NUMPTY off our roads

    Automatic ban as far as I am concerned. never mind court appearances and solicitors trying to weedle away out for her ! 'A confused grandmother injured four motorists after driving 15 miles down the wrong carriageway of a motorway. Martha Harwood, 81, caused cars to swerve and one to crash...
  10. C

    numpty rattley door question

    I`ve got a `92 300e-24v and the passeger door has developed a really annoying rattle, I think it`s just a piece of trim needs tightening from the inside. If I have a crack at it myself am I going to come across any tricky or unexpected problems, it`s got full electric seats and windows if that...
  11. glojo

    One for Flash Numpty driving with dipped Lights

    On a seperate thread Flash commented about folks driving their cars in daylight with the headlights on dip during good visibilty. Just to prove that not all these drivers are complete dawks!!! I present exhibit 'A' Then we have the more conservative type that doesn't drive with the...
  12. pammy

    Numpty Pammy

    OK - thought I'd come clean and gove you lot a bit of giggle. I blame it on the heat but here goes. Driving home fairly late this aft - for me anyway - and the traffic was very heavy so not fun. Anyway - few miles on and the road is flowing better and with the roof off and Keane blaring I...
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