1. D

    Nurburgring Driving Academy using C63 coupes now

    Spent a wet day at the Ring yesterday - was pleasantly surprised to see the Ring driving academy (not the AMG one) are now using C63S coupes. Look pretty cool with the Edition 1 graphics although they are not Edition 1 cars - rather they are very highly equipped S coupes with ceramics and...
  2. N

    AMG GTR Fastest lap in Nurburgring...

    Hi folks, Just found a new video of the amazing AMG GTR performing a hot lap in Nurburgring in just 7:10:92! The grip this car has in corners is simply outstanding and the sound it makes is simply awesome... The tyres they used were Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 (in case anyone wants to...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Shake up of Nurburgring Prices

    MASSIVE shake-up for 2017 Nürburgring TF Tickets! |
  4. L

    SLK55 with Kleemann headers on the Nurburgring GP track

    Tried Embed this but it didn't work Mods are : No rear mufflers Kleeman headers ECU remap (dyno'ed at 395hp) No centre resonator Secondary cats in place. P030 Pack Please ignore the sloppy driving, I didn't have much of my tires left at this point...
  5. Peter DLM

    My E63 has lost its Nurburgring virginity.

  6. M

    2017 Mercedes AMG GTR At Nurburgring

    2017 Mercedes AMG GTR At Nurburgring [YOUTUBE HD]MpOG-LT18iE[/YOUTUBE HD]
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Nürburgring Nordschleife Lap Photos

    Apologies for the delay in getting the photos uploaded, I have been completely renovating my bathroom by myself! + Photobucket is appallingly slow these days?!? August 2016. Cambridge to the Nurburgring, via Ferry from Dover to Dunkirk. I managed the entire trip on 1 tank of fuel, 460...
  8. KillerHERTZ

    Road Trip To The Nurburgring Nordschleife

    I have managed to talk my GF into coming with me on a Nurburgring/Amsterdam road trip later this month and was wondering if anyone had any advice? I have never driven in Europe and are planning to take the Chunnel, drive through France, Belgium, Germany to the 'Ring - and possibly Affalterbach...
  9. M

    AMG GT Nurburgring 24 Hour - Dramatic Ring endurance race Last Lap

    AMG GT Nurburgring 24 Hour - Dramatic Ring endurance race Last Lap 7qtlKCtPo74
  10. M

    Mercedes AMG GT Race Car Crashes Hard At The Nürburgring - Video

  11. E

    Nurburgring Advice

    Looking for some advice.. Going to Germany in the 55k in September. 2 nights in the nurburgring villa. over the 2 days i dont plan to going crazy on the circut. But would still like as much advice as possible. at the moment im thinking of getting 4 laps in 2 on each day.. But as with all...
  12. b1g1an

    Nurburgring 24hr this weekend

    Starts at 3pm today our time, live streaming at ... ADAC Zurich 24h-Rennen: Live ...amongst others. Well worth watching and makes LeMans look like a race for puffs, flat out GT3s mixing it with old Ford Escorts on what might just as well be country lanes.
  13. stwat

    Nissan GT-R Flips Into Crowd At Nürburgring Race, One Dead

    Nissan GT-R Flips Into Crowd At Nürburgring Race, One Dead [UPDATED]
  14. V

    organised trips and booking for nurburgring

    hello guys and girls. was looking into getting tickets for the Nurburgring, and spoke to someone who said that there were clubs and societies that if you join them, they book private days at the ring for their use only. he said it costs a little more than booking it yourself, but you end up...
  15. R

    nurburgring 2015 trip car preparation

    Hi all Me and 2 other members are going to the Nurburgring in June so Ive done a bit to my w202 hopefully to make it handles better than last year Here is what I did Michelin pilot sport cup tyres with team dynamics pro race wheels with this set up iam saving 8kg per corner over my...
  16. BigChap

    Went to the Nurburgring last month

    Not in the C63, we went in £500 bangers Top Gear style, what a laugh!!! and the rest of the Motley Crue... Just some of the pictures... Couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this parked up, then i saw it being absolutely abused around the track!!! Not all fun and games though!!!
  17. J

    Nurburgring Oldtimer GP 2014, many photos! [6/6]

    And another very fast Alpina! Is this where BMW got the idea for that weird bootlid on the 6-series? I am not a big Capri fan but these three were tasty Gorgeous coach-built BMW coupe Good sight-seeing on the roads...
  18. J

    Nurburgring Oldtimer GP 2014, many photos! [5/6]

    Renault Alpine club well attended The non-club mixed parking areas are also worth walking round I love the SM, although this is not the best colour in my view The...
  19. J

    Nurburgring Oldtimer GP 2014, many photos! [4/6]

    Big Alfa club display as usual Rare to see two Alfa 90s! Porsche corporate and club display 2. The car park Don't skip this section! The OGP car parks are better than any car show I have been to on the UK, and that is not a joke or...
  20. J

    Nurburgring Oldtimer GP 2014, many photos! [3/6]

    A good display by Opel Fantastic old Mercedes Tha Alfa that we also saw at Classic Remise P1800 racer in the Nordschleife pits
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