1. M

    Fantasy Garage - Money No Object

    As some of you will no doubt have heard, some lucky so-and-so in the UK has scooped the £51M jackpot on the Euromillions this week - shame it wasn't me but good luck to 'em I say. Anyway, I’m sure this will have been done before but for the sake of new members (and if long-term members will...
  2. D

    Money No Object... Which Car?

    Just a little variation on the great thread from Stuart. Curious to see how loyal MB Club members really are :bannana: For me it would be the barmy McLaren P1 Simply because I love the McLaren brand. Ant.
  3. S

    Money No Object... Which Mercedes?

    For me it would be a Gullwing. Utterly sublime!
  4. bpsorrel

    If money were no object... :)

    What would you have in your garage (but limited to only 2....)? For me, it would be an SLS (or any Aston...) and either a new XJ or S Class... :)
  5. Satch

    Mystery Object

    Anybody know what the structure in the pic is and the purpose? (Hint: There are two of them and they cost £250k.)
  6. glojo

    What vehicle Money no object???

    I have just been reading Maff's thread where he has posted pictures of the SLR and the CLK DTM, one of the message's made me think..... If money was no object and you had the choice of any mass produced car. What one would you choose? Unfortunately this is not the end of the question...
  7. stwat

    If money was no object

    An empty airfield and just about every exotic car going. Great vid http://www.tvrbliss.co.uk/wmv/brunt-nov-2004.wmv You see an sl65 but only briefly :( Forgot to mention, it is doing 180mph :crazy: :D
  8. B

    OTish: If money was no object...

    ...what Mercedes-Benz out of the current range would you most like to have? :) I'll start :D Black SL55 AMG fully loaded (of course - money's no object remember!) with the 19" AMG double spoke wheels
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