1. T

    Recent Trip to France - Interesting Observations

    Earlier in the week we did a quick trip to Disneyland Paris (2 nights/3 days) As we were having visitors and we were 8 of us we had to take two cars (wife's B180/W246 and my 911/997 C2 ) Driving was nd most cost effective way of going and in terms of time taken was comparable door to door with...
  2. Dieselman

    250Cdi engine observations.

    Since running this car I have noticed two things with regard to the way the engine behaves. The engine temperature sometimes rises to the normal 90c point then drops again down to ~78c for no apparent reason. The car has been into the dealer who say that is correct. Does anyone else...
  3. D

    CLS Observations

    Whilst getting my C230K serviced today, the dealer dropped me off at work in a newish CLS. And although it is undoubtably very nice, I just couldn't bring myself to "like" it for the following reasons:- 1 Can't see the bonnet in front and so the driving position seems much more "forward"...
  4. Vectrolosys

    W210 - 2002 200 Kompressor - Observations

    Hello, At the garage that I bought my 300TE from, I spied a rather nice, dark metallic blue W210 200 Kompressor, at Classic trim level. I was chatting with the propietor about it, noted it was a 2002 model and remarked that it is probably better built than the earlier ones. He was suprisingly...
  5. V

    W210 Rust observations

    Over the years I have seen many W210's pass through my hands (ones that are coming off the end of Leases) and I have also bought many W210's for clients down at the auctions, so all in all I have seen virtually every type of W210 you could wish to see and in all sorts of colours and conditions...
  6. N

    MAS - Some interesting observations

    My dealer had on his forecourt a Jan 2000 c240, so I took it out for a spin for interest, just to see how it compared to mine. I found it was completely different. The throttle response was way better at low revs, but poor higher up, and the gearchanges were very different. Mine are very...
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