1. N

    2006 7G Occasional Shift issue & Software updates

    Hi, My 320cdi has the 7G gearbox, has done 78K with gearbox oil change last year. It seems fine, other than if it's been driven, then left for an hour or so, then driven again - if I give it any more than 1/2 throttle (e.g. pulling out or overtaking) it will struggle to shift from I...
  2. K

    Occasional misfire Mercedes Mechanic Baffled

    Hi all, My C220 CDI 54 plate has had the Glow plug relay replaced, glow plugs replaced and my EGR valve replaced with new genuine parts, yet the car is still occasionally misfiring? The fuel injectors have all being pressure tested etc., and all test OK. STAR diagnostics reports no faults or...
  3. brucemillar

    W124 Occasional loss of speakers?

    Guys On my 124, I occasionally lose all speaker output? It is almost as if the radio has been muted!! All speakers just stop, nothing, nil, zilch, not even a background whisper of hiss. I know that this is not the head unit as I have the same issue with other units I have tried (and they...
  4. K

    occasional non start

    Hello everybody, I'm hoping someone can help solve the problem of my 1995 C220 sport. It's in A1 condition, fully serviced with 104000 miles and owned by me for 7 years, I've always started the car the same way.... turn key until lights on dash come on, wait until I've heard a soft...
  5. M

    W210 E240 Auto occasional problems engaging drive

    Sometimes, if I shift to neutral when waiting at traffic lights the box does not want to engage drive when it's time to set off. I move the lever to 'D' but nothing happens, though it always engages eventually after a bit of shifting the lever back and forth after about 15 seconds or so...
  6. S

    Help/Advice Please - Occasional Juddering Issue on CLS 320 (2007)

    Hello All After many many years owning BMW of various descriptions (330ci, 530D Sport, few Z's) I have always had my eye on the CLS 320D. A year ago I bought a 2007 model with full Mercedes Service History and it has been a joy to own and drive. However, lately I have been getting an...
  7. DSM10000

    Slightly lumpy idle, reduced throttle response and occasional hesitation....

    Having recently replaced the alternator, water pump and a/c condenser plus an MOT pass without any problems last week I was looking forward to a few months trouble free driving in the C320. However, over the last couple of days the idle has become a little low and unstable (no stalling)...
  8. jotter22

    Occasional sticking park break.

    I am finding the park break release is sometimes a bit of a pig and requires 2-3 goes on the lever (release)? I don't use the car all the time is there a quick solution or is it a pants down visit to the menders? Car is a 2004 clk 320 cab. Thanks guys, Tony.
  9. tim130879

    Occasional 'oil switch defective'

    Hi everyone! New to here... Hope you can help?! My 98 E240 occasionally shows 'oil switch defective' in the centre display in red. The fact it comes up in red worries me even more but then it goes for weeks. Anyone gimme some advice what it means and why it would come up every so often...
  10. T

    w204 occasional knock from front?

    My c320 makes an odd knock if I drive slowly over those mound speed bumps or a small pot hole. It does not sound like the suspension but possibly something loose like the under tray but that seems secure. The sound is almost like flicking an empty big bottle of coke and the sound only ever...
  11. S

    Occasional reverse gear failure ??? S280

    Hello all. For some reason my last attempt to post my war and peace failed. So I'll keep this short. Purchased a S280 1998 last week. 119k with merc service history until 80k. Last owner had it for 13 years. After 3 days of ownership got into it, put it in reverse and.....nothing...
  12. R

    M111.960 Occasional Stall When Cold

    Hi, I have been an avid reader of posts on this forum for a year or so now and have been able to resolve various minor issues with my beloved W124 E220 (M111.960) - thanks to all the members out there. Time for my first post to the board... The car has been immensely reliable over the years...
  13. R

    W126 occasional misfiring

    Hi. I have a 1988 w126 300 Se. i work at sea so i let my car stand unstarted for a month at a time. usually it's no problem, but 3-4 times during this year it has been very shaky when i run the engine, and it seems like one nozzle stops on one cylinder. I only need to stop and start it a few...
  14. Z

    occasional low mpg heavy engine

    Hi there, I m new to this forum. I have w203 c220 cdi 2004. I have noticed that sometimes engine sound becomes heavy and fuel consumption goes higher & mpg drop quickly for no reason. As a workaround, i switch off and then on again the engine and mpg becomes normal. If i don't do anything, then...
  15. tonyc280

    Occasional gearbox THUD

    Now and again my gearbox THUD'S when changing down a gear, only when going slow and about once every two days or so. Any ideas what this might be Chappies ?. cheers Tony.
  16. Rufus The Dog

    W202 Occasional Power Problems

    Morning All First post in this forum so bear with me but I have had a quick search of the other threads first and couldn't see my exact problem. I have just spent an obscene amount of money with my local MB garage to not fix my car :doh: Their approach of changing stuff on a hunch (because the...
  17. Brian_the_Snail

    CLK 500 (5.5) occasional oil burning smell

    Hi folks Bit of an odd one but I occasionally get a smell of burning oil when going slowly or stationary. It seems to come through the car vents. However, the car doesn't seem to be burning oil in the first 700 miles since I collected it 2 weeks ago and the exhaust pipe is clean/ no soot...
  18. Tan

    Cheapest? way to insure an occasional use car

    Hi What is the cheapest way to insure a car that is used on rare occasions? We are looking at a cheap way to insure my Dad's S-class, it covers less than 3k per year. Thanks Tan
  19. G

    Occasional Severe Power Loss SL500

    My 94 SL500 is below 30k miles and is just a weekend runabout. In the past two weeks I have experienced two sudden losses of power having driven for about 4 miles from a cold start. Upon starting everything is 100% and there is no indication that there is anything wrong. But then suddenly it...
  20. boomtings

    W124 -300te-24v Vacuum lines and occasional stutter at low rev acceleration.

    Vacuum lines seem to always cause me problems on my cars. The car in question is a grey turbo technics 300te 24 which I now own. Its strange with half AMG bodykit (missing front bumper) and carat duchalet wheels. History shows it probably once had AMG rims and a different suspension as wheels...
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