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    Ebay 2.3-16 E167 ODE - lies in listing

    Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3 16v Cosworth - Manual - FSH - PX Classic Car, Porsche As well as the wheels being non MB fakes & the door cards coming from a standard non-16v 190E the car doesn't have the following equipment the seller has claimed it has in the 'Item specifics'. Driver Airbag...
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    Ode to Sir Clive Woodward or Lord Bald

    There was an old man called Lord Bald Whose team got completely mauled, He picked his old mates For some crucial test dates, and the fans were truly appalled. There was a middle-aged tosser named Bald Who's mates were all English and Auld First Test: Neil Back Like the rest of the...
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