Odometer Irregularities

    I thought that by now with all safeguards put into cars that clocking was a maybe a thing of the past. AM57OSW. put into the DVLA MOT check and some weird readings come out. this is the third car with irregular readings.
  2. Braincrank

    Odometer question

    Just noticed that when the missus filled up the Benz and pressed the reset button that the odometer (both, overall and day/trip milage metre) is stuck ... It happened once before and after pressing the reset button again it's worked again, but unfortunately no joy this time /-: MOT is due end of...
  3. P

    SL 350 (R230) weird odometer readings

    Hi,Strange newbie question here. Has anyone else experienced magically increasing mileage. I bought a low mileage R230 last week and every time I park it up, I go back to the garage to find the mileage shown has increased while it's been parked. Is this a known fault? The car definitely hasn't...
  4. S

    C207 odometer cluster packed up

    Hi all I'm hoping the fountain of knowledge on this site will be able to help me from going insane My odometer on my C207 has decided to give up and looks un repairable and has been sent off to have the ECU checked/repaired, so I'm hit with a pretty hefty quote for a new replacement from...
  5. R129Melvin

    R129 Odometer packed up

    Lovely drive home in my new 1991 500SL yesterday. I noticed the mileometer did not move. Zero'd the trip and that too remains on zero. I assume this is the usual VDO gear issue that also affects Porsches of a similar age, or is it likely to be something more simple like a fuse? It's an early...
  6. P

    C180 Komp faulty odometer (w203)

    Hi all, Took my car (2005 C180 Komp) into a local garage few months ago for a service and it came out with the odometer reading 999999. Garage tried all he could to fix it and I've taken it to another garage recently who had no joy. I haven't taken it to MB yet for the fear of a Very large...
  7. S

    Odometer reading recorded in kilometers at last MOT: how plausible?

    Hi, Still looking for facelift E320CDI Black Facelift saloon, fully loaded. Came across a car with last MOT being a year ago with mileage recorded at 160k, a year before it was just 80k. Seller claims that the car was taken to Europe and last MOT was recorded in miles and in fact it was...
  8. V

    2002 vito 2.2 speedo problem. Odometer

    Hi all just joined. Started another thread but put too much in it. Limp mode. Won't rev above 3000rpm. Speedo showing 120mph @30. Gear selector problems for 2nd 4th. Key snapped in ignition After reading a lot about checking the obvious I.e vac hoses solenoids etc. I'm...
  9. C

    odometer only show km/h in bottom section

    Hello, Have a s204 c220 and looking at the odometer i can have in the bottom section the date & outside temp. It also shows the speed in km/h; but i am in the uk and would like it to show mph Anyone know how to change this? Would be nice as the top is showing radio channel, though doesn't show...
  10. A

    Odometer rollover!

    My e220 had had serviced. They told me that odometer was roll over. They can not reset the " service c due " They ask 100 gbp for put the odometer as it was and dissappear service c Does any one knows how to dissappear "sercice c due". A friend of mine has the equitment for reading faulds...
  11. bobven

    Is it possible to alter the Odometer ?

    I have seen many recon cars (merc in specific) come with docs. Those bill of lading show 36000km but actual car show 21500km. Is it possible to alter odo like that? would it affect the car performance or life? Techie's advise appreciated.:p
  12. S

    Mercedes Vaneo Mileage odometer too dim to be seen

    Hi I set the clock on my car & I cant seem to read the mileage or the clock any more, the other dashboard lights work fine other than these is there a dimmer setting or is there a bulb away ? I have a 04 plate Vaneo any help would be grateful Stu
  13. C

    w220 dead odometer

    Hi, I have looked at a few W220s and a couple have the common dashboard cluster failure. The centre screen us not displaying any text so there is no way to find the mileage. If I took it to someone with Star would they be able to see the mileage on the ccomouter or is it only visable on this...
  14. jezworld

    Odometer, fuel and revometer back light gone

    Hi guys Had a search on here but not bringing back anything useful :( I noticed last night when driving my 2004 350SL that the speedo / odometer and revometer / fuel gauge are not lit any more. I assume a bulb has gone from behind the dash (LED panels are fine) If there is a clear (dumbass)...
  15. mct_cars

    R107 - Odometer / Mileometer not working

    Before I take the dash apart, has anyone come across this problem before - basically, the mileometer and odomoter have just stopped turning. The speedo itself is working perfectly. Any ideas? Rebuild, replace?
  16. emenoz

    Odometer reading

    Hi all , someone told me that if the odometer reading on a merc begins with the digit "0" for example 089000km it means the odometer reading was tempered with! Experts tell me.
  17. J

    my trip odometer resets itself....wtf?

    ok, so just like it say, everytime i turn my car on, the trip meter resets itself to 0 miles and the clock resets itself to 12:00am. If this a fuse problem or some sort of battery issue? Also, my SRS light came on and someone had suggested looking under the seat at the wiring, to which i found...
  18. The Boss

    Who has the highest odometer reading

    Guys.. with the reputation of mercedes cars lasting past our lifetime, it is sometimes a touching moment of cars which have seriously high mileage or are still used as everyday cars.. whats the highest mileage car you own.. For me (in the UK atleast), is my slk, with 120,000 on the clock...
  19. D

    W211 Trip Odometer jumps 302 miles during service

    My car was in for service Thursday/Friday. When it came out there was an additional 302 miles on the trip odometer. The main odometer had advanced 7 miles from the figure I noted when I dropped the car off and 6 from the figure the dealer had stamped in the service book. As they...
  20. Single650

    Odometer Display W202

    This is an agravating problem that is probably a right B***** to fix. The second (Tens) digit on the ododmeter loses on occasion three of the LCD segments. This is intermittent but more often they are missing. Is this a common problem? Does anyone know of an easy (or difficult) fix...
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