1. ACID

    Msl c63 eurocharged remap offer!!!!

    MSL C63 Eurocharged Offer: Due to popular demand we are currently offering discounts on all our C63 Eurocharged Remap Packages. The offer is for a limited time only and is available to all forum members, so spread the love :bannana: The packages we are offering are: Map Only...
  2. ACID

    E63 AMG BI-TURBO Eurocharged/MSL perfromance Offer

    In a bid to get Eurocharged UK back up and running at MSL Performance, here is the first of our numerous offers coming up: If this one's not for you be sure to keep your eyes peeled! E63 BI-TURBO EUROCHARGED OFFER: Packages we are offering: Map Only...

    Looking to make an offer.

    Hi. Looking to make an offer and arrange for RAC to do a comprehensive inspection. I was wonder if any members are familiar with this car. The only two things that I need to clear at the moment, is that the car has had Reg Numbers changed a few times according to Cazana and the photo of the...
  4. ACID

    Dyno Day Offer

  5. N

    2-EHN, 99% 2-Ethyl-Hexyl Nitrate, Cetane Booster offer

    From the boys at the UK's leading Biodiesel site - 5 litres of pure 2-EHN for under £29 quid. Turn all your diesel into super diesel for a few pence per tank. Hydra Fuel Cetane Booster, Ultra Pure >99% You're welcome.
  6. ACID

    Valentines Day Special Offer

    This offer applies to an oil service only, offer needs to be redeemed before 31/12/2017. For enquiries: Email: Phone: 0121 772 4455
  7. N

    Really cheap specs offer. 2 pairs, £15 incl. del. Ends Sunday midnight.

    From MSE, 2 pairs of prescription glasses for £15 delivered. I've just ordered. I make nothing out of this, just thought it was a ridiculously good deal, even if you just use them as spares or leave them in the glovebox, shed, 2nd car etc. Glasses Direct voucher codes, Discount codes & Deals -...
  8. G

    First Aid Wheels exchange offer?

    Anyone had experience with First Aid Wheels exchange program? There are a couple of interesting offers on eBay, at a better price than directly on their site, for my 18" AMG style III wheels, and it works out cheaper than getting then refurbished, and obviously faster as it's a swap (and a...
  9. D

    2009 C320 - immaculate - listing below - make me an offer?

    Mercedes C-class 2009 3 litre V6 with sports pack (including winter wheel set) - pristine! in Brighton | Friday-Ad
  10. Conquistador

    Turning DOWN a job offer

    Turning DOWN a job offer - advice please Having recently been made redundant, I've been frantically looking for another job and a bit of a change in career. I had a couple of interviews lined up with new positions and one has offered me the place. However, the job I really have my sights set...
  11. Alfie

    Parking sensor fitting OFFER!

    We are presently offering front and rear parking sensors fitted with display for £648 inc. This is as near to factory look as possible without the huge cost of using genuine parts. It includes the sensors, displays (mounted in factory location), Canbus interface for speed sensitivity, labour and...
  12. Flyinspanner

    Gummi Pfledge special offer

    Rubber seal dressing, good for window rubbers / door seals etc. Well respected product, 3x 100ml bottles for £15 is a bit of a bargain :) Nextzett Gummi Pflege Car Rubber Stick Door Restorer 100ml THE MOST SOLD ON EBAY | eBay Ps I have no connection to seller.....just love a 'deal'. :)
  13. E

    BACK IN STOCK! OFFER ENDS SOON-Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit

    Back in stock! For a Limited Time Only Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras) Get excellent results with ease of use and a beautiful shine that lasts!! Shop Now: Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras) Get a further reduction with the exclusive...
  14. Ted

    Special offer at costco.

    Get in quick before they're all gone!
  15. E

    Summer Offer! Huge Savings

    Shop Now Intex Easyset Round Swimming Pool (small) - Swimming Pool (Medium) - Kettle Barbeque Grill (Black)- Kettle Barbeque Grill (Black) | AccessoriesRetailer Summer essentials- Summer Essentials
  16. E

    Redline Water Wetter Offer!

    Redline Water Wetter is compatible with new or used antifreeze (including DEX-COOLTM and long-life versions) Shop Now:Cooling System Treatment | Lubricants & Fluids | Euro Car Parts Benefits Include Reduces or eliminates bubbles or vapor barrier that form on hot metal surfaces to reduce...
  17. S

    Why AMG is the best of what Mercedes can offer...

    Just sublime engineering.... Utter wasteful and sheer lunatic design... Vulgarity at its best! Any owners here? DrUVMdkb4_k
  18. st13phil

    100 Years of BMW - Mercedes Offer to BMW Employees

    Sincere or German Humour? You decide...
  19. N

    Limited time 2-EHN Cetane booster offer courtesy of the BioDiesel forum

    The Bio Diesel making boys over at have negotiated a cracking deal on 2-EHN. It's a limited time offer, good for 2 weeks from 4.3.16. Registration is required to see the page. Login
  20. M

    Silverstone GP Track Day 22/02 - Last Minute Drop Out Offer

    So one of our party for Monday has dropped out. As they are unable to cancel at such short notice, it means there's a cheap pass for a car and 2 additional drivers up for grabs. I'll be there in my 507 C63 with an RS5 to keep me company. Anyone interested, let me know. Mark
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