1. Dave.tam

    Minor damage insurance offered by MB

    I just posted in another thread and kinda took it off topic, so I thought I'd start again here. When I bought my 2014 W204 C180, I was given MB minor damage insurance free of charge. The first time I had cause to use it, I had a small scratch and dent to a rear door. Looked through my flashy...
  2. D

    Offered to a good home

    Hi Guys, On the orders of Mrs Patagonian I am having a very reluctant clear out. I've got several AMG related brochures/booklets from 2003 and later (CLS) and rather than giving them to my local charity shop (or worse find them missing one day) I thought someone here might find them useful...
  3. Screwdriver

    WTB: W115 300 Diesel RHD w/ AC (Finder's fee offered)

    Greetings! I'm looking for a W115 /8 300D with A/C. Must be a rust free, pristine example. I will have the car examined by my MB specialist prior to purchase so the owner must be okay with this. I will pay a 5% of the agreed upon final agreed upon value as a finders fee once complete...
  4. Screwdriver

    WTB: OEM Black/ Brown Carpet Floor Mats for RHD W123 (Top $ offered)

    As the title says, I'm looking to buy a set of 4 Black or Palomino upper brown carpet floor mats for the W123. Must be factory original with logo and right hand drive in good condition. I'm aware these are rare which is why I will offer close to what a set of new factory original mats is...
  5. D

    w111 220 se with mot and needing some restoration offered at a good price

    1961 MERCEDES 220 CREAM | eBay
  6. mymini007

    Opinions please I have been offered.......

    A W211 estate in old man beige 320 cdi 190k on the clock 1 owner been a motorway car, and the owner is trading in for a Jag sportbreak £1000 ish could be £1200 By the sounds of it it has been looked after I dont know anymore details than that What do you reckon ?
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Head-up displays To Be Offered On W205 and W222 Models

    Head-up Display Coming Soon
  8. B

    Alloy wheel corrosion out of warranty offered Mercedes goodwill??

    Hi my cars out of warranty 2009 4 years old and I have some corrosion on my alloy wheels around the centre caps on 3 wheels. New wheels cost around £580.00 each inc vat! Mercedes have offered to replace the 3 wheels for brand new ones and want me to contribute 25% towards both rear wheels...
  9. hedley

    Mercedes Enthusiast Magazines offered (2003 - 2010)

    Would anybody like to collect a whole pile of Mercedes Enthusiast magazines, from 2003 to around 2010 - all years and months in between from my annual subscriptions. All kept in nice condition in official binders. I can't remember exactly last edition, but I can check if necessary. I need the...
  10. A

    Ive been offered a mint 500 SEC

    As the title suggests I have been offered a 500 SEC. Not just any example though, this one has just come out of the Brooklands museum and as expected is in A1 condition. It is owned by the owner of my local indie. The question is, is it a decent investment? I am not sure I would drive it much...
  11. horgantrevor

    been offered a 300 twin turbo

    hi i have been offered a 300 coupe twin turbo from turbo technics with gear box trouble or so the owners says this car has been sitting for three years as far as i know off i once hear it has a ecu problem and need to be re-maped no the owner say's he thinks its the gearbox...
  12. loveday

    I’ve been offered a new C63AMG, thoughts please

    Hi all, I need your opinions on a deal that has come my way, I received a telephone call from a Mercedes dealership on Monday to say that they will be receiving a brand new C63 AMG 125 edition saloon next Wednesday 17th August and if I want the car it would be ready for collection on Saturday...
  13. Gucci

    Test drove V50...and offered a nonsense trade-in!

    Ahem...sorry about this brush with defection :ban: but I test drove a new Volvo V50 today. As mentioned in a previous post, I saw one sat outside my house and it looked great. So, off to the local dealer with the family. We test drove the 1.6 Diesel - it was incredibly smooth and quiet - and...
  14. A

    R129 SL AMG 18in staggered split rims offered in return for standard 16in 8-hole

    One of the R129 SLs I am considering is currently fitted with the two-piece AMG 18in staggered wheel, apparently in excellent condition, tyre brand and condition as yet unknown. As a bit of an OEM stickler I would prefer to run the standard 8-hole 16in wheel. If I do buy the car, are there any...
  15. M

    Advice Wanted: E500 offered

    Guys Just as the title says, I know someone who has a 2002 (52) E500 Avantgarde in Black with full beige leather. The car has done 90,000 miles and has just had a £1700 service last month. He is selling as its being wasted sitting around. It has: Black paintwork Beige leather Airmatic...
  16. splang

    Complimentary MOT protection offered by Audi

    I was looking at the audi website (honest - only looking no touching!) and came across this: MOTs are a legal requirement in the UK . Currently vehicles aged three years or over must be tested every year. Refer to you local Audi Centre for latest advice. We know how much your Audi means to...
  17. A

    Offered new job - advice on negotiating salary / package

    Hi all, just been offered a position with another company (not competitors of ours) :bannana: It's a good promotion, the terms look attractive. However, this is my first ever job change (I've been with my current employer for 9 yrs, since leaving Uni) I therefore wanted some advice. The HR...
  18. B

    £500 reward offered

    £500 cash reward offered for the safe return of L35HGM, no questions asked 1993 E300 Multivalve Diesel estate, 7 seats, towbar with twin electrics, Pearl blue, dark blue cloth interior, climate control (single heat dial), Nokia car kit, unusual Mercedes 15" wheels, 205 Continentals, Brighton &...
  19. W

    W124 E320 estate offered

    Polar white, charcoal interior, e/s/r, e/windows, air-con, Clifford alarm, Alpine stereo + multi-CD changer, thousands spent in last 15 months, including:- re-conditioned gearbox by George Fraser, new springs, shocks, rollbar + bushes, droplinks, 2 full services, new tyres and replaced...
  20. culpano

    Mate's wife just been sacked - new job offered

    My mate's wife has been sacked from her job as a nurse for allegedly bullying other staff. It seems she got dragged into someone else's misdemeanors as she is adamant she has done nothing of the sort. I just cannot believe she is the bullying type. She was offered the choice of resigning but...
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