1. lisa110rry

    Just had two massive explosions behind my office

    We've just experienced two massive explosions which shook my laptop and are pouring black smoke into the air. We think it's from the roundabout which gives access to the motorway. Seems much bigger than a car would cause, the there were two massive bangs. Nothing on the BBC yet. We hope...
  2. MissyD

    [SOLD] For Sale - Kansas Executive Office Chair

    A hard wearing, leather look polyurethane executive chair with a high back, adjustable tension control and tilt mechanism. Leather look polyurethane seat and back Padded arms for extra comfort Attractive stitching detail Pronounced lumbar support Deep foam cushioning for...
  3. rsvgreg

    Mobile Shelving System & Office furnture

    Guys. Just taking on a new building and as part of the deal I have some good quality office furniture including a really clever Dexion Mobile shelving system. I would describe it as a Concertina Filing system, but the technical term is apparently mobile shelving. Now when I think of Dexion I...
  4. R

    office clear out

    just clearing out my office area today that has become a night mare store room of parts today, I have for sale the following. 1 no. nearside brand new C63AMG exhaust tail box, last part of the OEM exhaust with the chrome AMG tips. £240 collection only, Brought for my E55, as ongoing...
  5. John

    Microsoft Office

    I am looking in to us selling our company copies which we don't use anymore to raise some money for charity. However, whilst we have some versions which are obviously retail and can be sold, other versions I am not so sure as I've never bought it pre-installed. We use Office 365 on all...
  6. moonloops

    Know of any charities that need London office space?

    If anyone on here works for/with a registered charity that would like free office space in central London for circa 12 months (with no strings attached afterwards) please PM me details.
  7. M

    Microsoft Surface RT 32GB - Windows 8.1, Office 2013, Type Keyboard

    Hi For sale I have a lightly used and in perfect condition Microsoft Surface RT 32GB with Type Keyboard. Runs Windows 8.1 Update and Office 2013, Also will include the HDMI cable for it Comes with all boxes and packaging. £160 Cash on collection or + £10 for postage. Cheers.
  8. Red C220

    Home office network advice please

    My little business has grown to an unexpected degree this year, we needed to build an office in the garden so we could cope:- We're a few weeks away from being able to move in and I need some advice on a computer set up as I'm a retard when it comes to such things. There will be two...
  9. D

    Home Office

    Just arrived home to find a little unexpected present waiting for me for my home office... A full fat Herman Miller Aero: and in situ below. Interested to hear how others kit out their offices too.
  10. markjay

    Office Aircon Question

    In short... New office. Daikin or Fujitsu..? 2-Pipe or 3-Pipe? Thanks! :)
  11. SportsCoupeRich

    office desk for home.

    trying to find a really nice, traditional oak desk with leather top (so my magic mouse will work...). Using an old glass dining table at the moment which is not ideal. Struggling to find anything i like that isn't 2 grand (see OKA) or one where I will have to travel to an antiques fair to...
  12. ShinyF1

    Spotted this in the office acr park this morning

    Spotted this in the office car park this morning A classic beast looking rather forlorn
  13. jaymanek

    Cannot Find a Fully Reclining Office Chair

    Hi All, My dad has been unwell recently but insists on coming to work... Dont blame him its boring at home! Anyway looking for an office type chair that fully reclines all the way with foot support so he can have a snooze as and when he needs. Cannot find such a chair anywhere! Any...
  14. proser

    Office Chair

    Due to a change of jobs, I will be working from home a lot more. I have a bog standard leather faced chair but it's not very adjustable and therefore gets uncomfortable over long periods. Looking for recommendations for a chair that is fully adjustable, comfortable and no more than £200 (£250...
  15. Darrell

    Office software

    We need to make up some new menu's and flyers for the bar and I am far too tight to purchase Microsoft Office. Is there anything else available for free?
  16. developer

    Supportive chairs (office chairs perhaps).

    I need to get my lad a supportive chair for the time he spends online. He uses a PC on a PC desk, so we're not talking gaming chairs here. Any recommendations please?
  17. Bobby Dazzler

    Office 365 and Google Apps for Corporate email

    Currently considering whether to switch from Microsoft Exchange to hosted email in the cloud for a business with several thousand email users. Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps are the two obvious choices. Whilst other parts of the package will be useful, especially storage, it's really...
  18. carat 3.6

    I never thought I'd want to work in office...

    ...But I might make an exception. The Great Office War HD - YouTube:D
  19. Bobby Dazzler

    Converting car seats to office chairs

    Before I set about my office chair with a socket set and hammer, anyone know of any conversion kits? Google searches turn up all sorts of DIY jobs, but I hoped to get a kit of some sort. I've just bought a W211 E55 seat for this very purpose!! :thumb:
  20. Satch

    Having a bad day at the office?

    Always cheers me up Jeb Corliss Grinding The Crack ( official video) !!!!! - YouTube Best watched in HD with decent sound
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