1. Screwdriver

    Want to buy a pair of W108 Wings? Forget it! MB officially says no more

    Just received confirmation that wings for the W108 chassis will not be available any more. While I am tempted to raise a stink about this with Mercedes classic parts, I'm afraid that one voice might get drowned out. :dk:
  2. M

    Officially a Newbie

    Having joined the forum a couple of months ago and after a lot of searching and a few posts on here for help (thanks to all the helpful replies) I am officially a new owner of a money pit W163 ML270CDI Inspiration :). Its an 03, 7 seat model, so is an old girl with a few known problems, that I'm...
  3. Reggie-rock

    My blue car is officially 'black'

    Got my V5 through the post yesterday for my dark metallic blue CLK but on the logbook it states the body colour is black. The car does almost look black but is blue as I have some touch up paint which came with the car and is labelled Mystic Blue. Anyone else with the same discrepancy?
  4. Jamier27

    Im officially a c63 owner!

    Well I took the plunge yesterday. Managed to get the car for a reasonable price for an 11 plate. It's the one I was concerned about a service being missed.... But the good news is it wasn't. The middle man (owner was in France at the time) didn't read all the reports properly and has in fact...
  5. DSM10000

    Officially Spring!

    I notice that the snow has now disappeared from the header:thumb:
  6. Palfrem

    Mercedes-Benz officially a "cool" brand

    Mercedes Benz climbs the ‘CoolBrands®’ list Cool. Well that's good news then.
  7. Dieselman

    What was the first car you drove and what car did you officially lean to drive in?

    What was the first car you drove and what car did you officially learn to drive in? I'm just interested to see what cars people first drove. The first car I ever drove off road was a Citroen GS Estate at 14 years old, but I formally learnt to drive in a pretty knackered Escort Mk2.
  8. LTD

    Right. Officially giddy

    New car is collected in less than a week. All paperwork completed for a swift hand-over. Dealer been spot-on so far. Dare I mention the HUGE discount ?
  9. S

    Mercedes officially stopping Maybach luxury collection

    Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz announced earlier that it would be discontinuing its Maybach super-luxury line. That is now official, following the launch of its price list for 2013. Will you be trying to sell or purchase a new or used SUV? If this seems like you, get the ideal Ford at Gus Johnson...
  10. Sp!ke

    Spring is officially here

    They said it would snow. :bannana::bannana::bannana:
  11. G

    Hunt is officially on for a CLK55

    Hi All, Just sold my TVR this evening :confused: so now officially looking for a facelifted W209 CLK55 AMG, so if anyone knows of a good'un for sale do let me know :) Cheers.
  12. KillerHERTZ

    Pagani Huayra - Officially revealed

    Pagani Huayra officially revealed (its got a Mercedes engine, so its going in this forum :D) Ancient legends tell of Aymara Huayra Tata, god of wind, which controls the breezes, the winds and hurricanes that affect the mountains, ravines and slopes of the Andean cordillera. It is said that Tata...
  13. L

    well, thats it officially... the youth culture of today has lost it

    coming home from a gig last night, and i pull up to the traffic lights near home... and hear an ominous sound of a sub on full next to me... firstly at 28 (29 next friday!) i'm hardly old.. but where the hell do they get that music from? it's AWFUL, seriously would some classic eagles, stones...
  14. C

    Hamilton officially charged over aussie gp burnout

    Lewis Hamilton has been officially charged for his 'over-exuberance' with the company C63 AMG before the Australian Grand Prix in March. Hamilton's Australian solicitor has been served with a summons, charging Lewis with intentionally losing control of a vehicle. Hamilton was stopped by the...
  15. talbir

    I have officially lost the plot !

    According to our forum colleague KLP92, Nav ! New Years resolution was 'no more cars', except a 500E in April and a a car that's been on my wish list for over a decade but never acquired, a Porsche 928. Perferably a GTS. 11 days in and i end up buying the 928 already ! In keeping with my...
  16. Doodle

    Well, the C250 is now officially going... yesterday afternoon I put a deposit down on an Integra DC5 Type R. 54 plate, facelift model in the lovely deep metallic blue. :devil: It's not a complete defection, the SL is staying, and the C250 is most likely going to a good home with...
  17. sunman

    Distronic Working Officially Now

    I have managed to get the distronic system working fully in my c class now. Probably the only one in the planet. (that I know of) It works great. I need to calibrate the radar still. The car dissappears from the instrument cluster after 300 feet so I have it pointed too high or low. I will...
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