1. Brownbear247

    Offset advice

    Hi All, I have a 1998 SLK 230 Kompressor Convertible and I'm after some new or possibly used Winter Wheels and tyres. I have been able to source some but all the ones I have seen have an ET of 42, any advice please on would these be ok. I am currently running on a set that have an et of 30...
  2. merc85

    w211 e55k Offset

    Does anyone know if a 8.5j et35 wheel will clear the front Calipers on my w211 e55k?
  3. merc85

    What is the Correct wheel size and Offset w211 55k

    As above, What is the correct size and Offset of wheel fitted originally to a w211 e55k?
  4. KennyN

    W219 offset Q

    After much deliberation i have decided to get a set of 19`s for my CLS , my original diamond cut AMG alloys could be doing with a refurb as they are quite tatty around the rims and centres and the tyres will need replacing within the next 12 months or so. So rather than getting the wheels...
  5. B

    Wheel Offset

    Hi All, Might be getting a 2012 SL63 AMG. I'm on a lookout for a new set of rims for it, so wanted to know if these would fit The wheels are BBS CH-R in black. Current Wheel size: 9Jx19 ET27 Front 10Jx20 ET48 Rear 5x112 Tyre Size 255/35R19 285/30R20 New Wheel Size...
  6. E

    W447 wheels offset

    Hi guys, Can I use 245/45 r19 et35? Thanks Appreciate If you can share the photos for me. Cheers
  7. Benzowner

    Another Offset Question

    Sorry for being a bit thick, I have studied the calculators above and can't get my brain around it. I am looking at some 16" wheels wheels with an ET54, the correct offset for my car is ET46, only 0.3". Would I need spacers?
  8. S

    C124 wheel offset question

    Hi, I'm looking to fit a set of 18" 5x100 wheels on to my 1993 e320 Sportline coupe with pcd adaptors. The wheels are 8x18" with an offest of ET35, the adaptors will convert it from 5x112 to 5x100 with a thickness of 20mm. Wheel these wheels fit and after fitting the adaptors will I...
  9. gadget1960

    Replica 8.5 x 18 35mm offset mercedes alloys

    Hi all, I have these wheels for sale, run straight and true, no buckles, no damage, very light curbing, require a full refurb to make a nice set of wheels, I have part polished / flatted one wheel to give you an idea of how they look cleaned up by hand. They are 8.5 x 18 with a 35mm offset...
  10. T

    2011 CLS (218) Wheel offset

    Hi. Can someone please confirm the correct wheel offset for my CLS? I have a set of winter tyres on the way and may buy some wheels instead of swapping the tyres on the existing wheels. I understand it may be different to an E Class? Tyres (new and old) are 255/40 x18 btw, not that it...
  11. M

    Disk rotor offset

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can find the rotor offset(hat height) of my brake rotors? They are 380mm from the CLS55 with the performance pack. Cheers.
  12. S

    cl500 wheel offset

    any one know the offset for alloy wheels on a cl500 2001 reg been looking at soe deep dish alloys they say they are a offset of et14 any one ideas if they will fit ok they are 19inch
  13. Jonny...G

    Offset wheel size

    Hi all, can anybody tell me weather I can fit Wheels with an ET size of 48 on my 2004 E class. It says 35-38 on the spec but would I squeeze them on??? Thanks
  14. G

    Help with wheel choice (mainly the offset!)

    Evening all, I'm new to being a Mercedes owner & also to doing any type of modifications. I very much want to buy some new wheels for my E Class saloon but I'm so confused as to what the best thing to do is... Ideally I want to stick with original Mercedes wheels and I have found a set of 18"...
  15. D

    Alloy Wheel OFFSET problem

    Have now had 4 new B rated tyres fitted & had my wheels balanced & my car drives beautifully now. Many thanks to helgi33, AMGeed & Abb whose advice saved me thousands as my garage said that I needed new wheels. It's great to have somewhere like this forum to ask questions when you are unsure...
  16. D

    Alloy Wheel offset problem

    Can somebody please help me. I have a Mercedes W211 E220 2006 & I have just been told by my garage that my alloy wheels are aftermarket & they don't fit properly causing vibration at 60+. The garage said the offset was wrong. Is their anything that can be done to make them fit? Is it...
  17. S

    Where to find offset on wheel - does the wheel need to come off?

    Hi, 2003 W215 CL600 Still looking to upgrade the current wheels from 18" to 19" but some alloy wheel sites say an offset of ET35 will fit fine, even though the chart on here shows an ET of 44 front and 46 rear for the car Where will I find the ET stamped on the wheels, please? Can't...
  18. karozza


    So I've found a set of 19s I like on EBAY for my 2003 SL55 but I'm not sure about the Offset. According to what I've read somewhere, my AMG 18s are ET 30 front & ET 31 rear. The seller states his are ET 35. Hence, I have two issues, first I would like to be certain they will clear my enormous...
  19. S

    W215 - wheels, tyres, offset - opinions, please.

    2003 CL600TT ......... have nice 18" oe Merc Difda wheels in perfect condition but they seem a little small for the car and I need to replace at least 2 tyres, so now is the time to think about the wheels, too. Have 245/45s on the front and 265/40s on the rear, all 8J, I think. Car is...
  20. T

    Wheel Offset

    Hi Can anyone tell me if it is ok to have different ET/Offset on the Near Side and Offside Wheels. i.e. will a NSR ET of 35 be ok with a OSR ET of 39? Many thanks
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