1. flowrider

    Help with replacement wheel offsets on a W166 ML

    Thinking of replacing the alloys on my W166 ML. I think the existing allows have an offset of 59 but all the alloys i have seen online, that i like, have offsets between 30 and 45. Has anyone any experience with aftermarket alloys on an ML? An online tool i have been using raises a caution...
  2. Jamier27


    Have done numerous searches but am still not clear on what minimal offset I need for wheels on my c63? These alloy websites seem to list 100's of wheels that "will" fit the c63 but I've read there's not many that actually do fit over brakes?? It's doing my head in trying to find some suitable...
  3. P

    Help confused about offsets

    Hi I'm thinking of a new set of alloys. Wheels at the moment. Front 17 inch ET36 7.5j Rear 17 inch ET 30 8.5j Replace with 19 inch ET 35 both 8.5j I need to know they will fit and won't look stupid . I was wanting to lower the car as well eventually
  4. vito stan

    all models stud patterns and offsets

    Hi all. Just incase anyone is interested here is a website for all makes and models off stud patterns and offsets. Hope it helps someone.
  5. O

    Can w211 offset use 48/56 offsets pls

    Hi Just bought some wheels that are 18" and have offset of 48 front 56 rear I believe these to be for the w212 and so will they fit my w211 which now have 16" rims with 42 offsets Can someone help please Cheers Leo
  6. W


    Hi every body, I need to know what the offset or ET is on my c350 2010, before I buy a new set of 19 inch rims. I know the centers are 66.6 so far, can any of you kind chaps help. Thanks in advance.:bannana:
  7. Howard

    Offsets and wheel widths

    Hi all Quick question , has anyone got a 10.5 inch wheel under a CLK 208 rear arch ? Toying with the idea of some new wheels , but they are wide and I'm not sure they'll fit. Specs are .... Diameter > 17” Fitment > 5x112 Width, Fronts > 9” Rears > 10.5”...
  8. A

    Wheels and offsets!

    Can someone confirm these will fit please?? 2005 E320............ Apparrently the offsets are: ET3.5 and ET3.8 MERCEDES BRABUS 18" ALLOY WHEEL SET MONOBLOCK FULL SET | eBay CONSIDERING THEM!!!
  9. R

    Help! Alloy offsets for CL500

    Hi I've recently bought a 2003 W215 CL500 (facelift model) I need help with alloy sizes, I've seen some style rims with the following offsets: 19 9.5 offset 44 19 8.5 offset 44 Will these sizes and offsets be ok for my car and also what tyre sizes do most you run on 19's, any comments and...
  10. T24TUM

    CLK 280 Sport - issue with 19" offsets

    Hi all, I have seen that wheels and tyres has a lot of posts, and have searched and think I have found the answer but would appreciate if anyone could confirm. I have a 2005 CLK 280 Sport. I have bought some staggered 19" alloys (8.5 and 9.5) and have fitted 235/35/19 front, 265/30/19...
  11. jimmymidnight

    W210 offsets

    Will i definitely need spacers for 19x8.5 et48? Thanks
  12. A

    Offsets for w202/w208/w124

    Seen these on ebay: Mercedes AMG 18" split look alloys on eBay (end time 16-Apr-10 11:59:11 BST) But the offsets seem very strange to me. I remember ET37/ET35 being the norm on mercedes alloys, is that right?
  13. 420SE

    Wheel offsets? W208 CLK230 Kompressor (2001)

    Hello folks :D Friend of mine has one of these: He'd like to buy some after market alloys for the car. In order to make sure he gets the best possible fit and teh car retains its handling characteristics, could someboyd tell me what: 1. The standard offset is 2. The standard wheel...
  14. marty359

    different offsets ??

    Help :( A couple of weeks ago I cracked a rear alloy in three places on the rear of the wheel, I went to the main dealer for a price on a new one :eek: then left feeling faint and quesy with a part number. I managed to find a new boxed wheel locally for £150 and popped it down to the...
  15. M

    2002 SL Offsets

    Hi Guys, I am selling my 09 spec AMG 19" CLS wheels on ebay at the minute and have a few enquiring about SL fitment. I am 99% sure these fit but does anyone know what the SL offsets are? For the CLS they are 25 front and 28 rear. Thanks
  16. A

    MB Wheel holes, distance and offsets

    MB Wheel holes, distance and offsets I've put most popular MB and other car parameters here: Wheel holes, distance and offsets - Classified ads of United Kingdom & Ireland, private and commercial ads | I am sure for someone who will be searching for new allow wheels it will...
  17. M

    sl500 r230 19" wheel offsets

    Please can someone post the correct offset for 19" wheels on the sl500? It will be 8.5J on front and 9.5J on rear. Thanks
  18. D

    CLK (W208) Alloy Wheel Offsets - HELP

    I have a 2000 CLK convertable. The current alloy wheels are from RC Design in Germany and are the RC D4 model in 18 X 8J. Two have an offset of ET35 and two have ET45 Which wheels ought to go on the front and which ones on the rear ????
  19. gina2201

    w202 offsets

    I am looking for some new/used wheels for my 202 but unsure exactly what offsets are viable. I am looking at these wheels, bu with ET 18, will they fit my car? Cheers!:)
  20. T

    help with wheels and offsets

    Ill be taking the delivery of my new c class at long last when I get back to work this week and want to do three things to it. Window tints, replace the oval exhaust for the twin AMG pipes (only twin, not quad, too much hassle!!!) and last but not least some new alloys. I like the Brabus...
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