1. KillerHERTZ

    Offside front tyre down to the cords

    Working on my front bumper today I discovered the attached :eek::eek::eek: Gutted as the rest of tyre has loads of life left in it :( Gonna take it into garage as soon as I can, how dangerous is this? It's not rubbing so it must be the alignment.
  2. A

    S210 facelift: good offside Halogen headlight,

    O/S halogen headlight, a replacement OEM unit (due to 2010 crash damage), so the lenses are like new, clear as a bell. ECP price is £110, so £30 and £8 postage. PM me if you'd like a photo emailed to you. Collection welcome and encouraged from London E4.
  3. philsmerc

    S205 C250 Bluetec AMG line ticking noise from rear offside when switching off

    Hi Had the car since last June and after a few weeks, I noticed that sometimes, after switching off and getting out of the car, I could hear a slight ticking noise coming under the car. It only lasts about 15 to 20 seconds and sounds as though it's coming from the rear offside of the car -...
  4. A

    Offside windscreen pillar cover removal

    Hello. I'm looking to fit a Dashcam to my E class cab and thinking of running the cable behind the plastic cover over the offside windscreen pillar. Can anyone tell me how to remove this cover or at least loosen it so I can feed the cable.
  5. Omega

    Front Offside Wing Needed

    E220 : W211 : 2007 : Executive Hi guys, I’m in need of an off side front wing for my car. Whilst searching for a suitable item, I see some with a bolt lug that goes under the bumper, whilst some don’t seem to have this. Does anyone know which I need please, & a reasonable supplier...
  6. M

    Offside Handbrake Cable Guide Bracket

    The MOT that came with my new (to me) W219 CLS had an advisory saying this was missing. Dealership weren't much help when I called to ask. Anyone know what this is, where it should be and how much it will cost to stick back on? The thread title BTW is the way its described in the advisory...
  7. Oldskoolflash

    2009 S204 (Estate) Offside boost (intercooler) pipe relacement

    Hi, Has anyone done this, and can advise on how easy a job it is or has anyone come across any videos online? I am being quoted £400 for MB to change it (which sounds extortionate). Also, is it just an air pipe or does it contain oil, the technician said mine is leaking oil...? I would be...
  8. lisa110rry

    SLK 1999 R170 rear brake lamp (offside)

    Well, I have a funny little fault on my car, the brake light contact fails from time to time just for minutes, but enough to make the warning light light up an as it's the brake light the warning remains on, even tough the lights are actually all working after a moment or two. The chap who looks...
  9. DSM10000

    Erratic offside rear indicator lamp

    Had a bulb failure warning earlier for the offside rear indicator on the W203. I have changed the bulb (tried 3others including the known good bulb) but still the same problem. I also swopped over the rear lamp clusters and the problem stays on that side. All contacts looked clean but I...
  10. Rob77

    Wanted - S124 Offside Rear Light

    Does anybody have an offside rear light, for a 124 estate kicking around? Mine is inexplicably broken :wallbash:
  11. A

    Offside speakers

    Hi, non of my offside speakers are working, I have the Harmon Kardon system, any advise appreciated......
  12. B

    Offside Front and Rear Windows !!!!

    Offside Front and Rear Window Problem !!!! Hi all. Today I got into car and the offside front and rear window had stopped working with the one touch operation. I have managed to reset the front window and that works ok now. But the rear only works with the open operation, It will not one...
  13. V

    R107 SL Front Offside Wing wanted

    Hi I'm looking for a good used front offside/drivers wing for a R107 SL. These can rot badly in the headlight bowl, so if you have one that's rusty in this area, its not for me. Looking to buy immediately, so look forward hearing from anyone who can help. Vlad
  14. F

    R107 - 1986 500 SL offside lower wishbone

    All Trying to source an offside lower wishbone for a 1986 500 SL. Car is off the road, and Mercedes have just quit making the part, so the pattern parts makers aren't up to speed yet. Car is not driveable. Anyone know of someone breaking or a dedicated breakers yard I could try ?
  15. lordrobson

    Fuse location and number for rear offside window fuse on E320cdi estate

    The window winding mechanism wire broke and jammed the motor - the motor shows continuity ok so presume the fuse has gone please can someone tell me the fuse number and location? Many thanks David :confused:
  16. M

    2013 a180 offside doors

    front and rear door needed for a 2013 a180
  17. P

    Leak - rear offside window

    Hi, New ML owner of two months and what a two months it has been. Bought the car in August and within two weeks a turbo fault had become apparent. Diagnosed as a faulty sensor giving intermittent power loss. Replaced whole turbo, partly paid for by dealer. Three weeks later it rained. Not a big...
  18. G

    Offside front wing

    Hi, Looking for an offside front wing for a 2001 y plate e320 estate silver colour code 744. Obviously one without the dreaded orangey/browny stuff which is why I need one :) Thanks :) Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  19. tcb180

    w2o3 Rear Offside Mudflap Wanted

    I am after the rear drivers side mud flap for my 2003 C220 CDi Does anyone have one kicking about? Appreciate I may have to buy two.
  20. Benz270cdi

    Wanted offside door control module part number 209 820 20 26

    Need a door control module offside part number 209 820 20 26 please
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