1. BenzedUP

    Ohh... Thats a bit embarassing.

    http://thesupercarkids.com/mercedes-amg-gt-s-c63-s-crash-during-customer-presentation/ :(
  2. P

    Ohh got caught out with the blocked drain!

    Howdy, Drove the car over the weekend, in torrential rain. Wife alerted me to water gushing in from the back of the glovebox - instantly knew what what it was. So checked the drain hole and it was blocked, cleaned it out and water dumped out the valve as it should. Currently have...
  3. M

    E55 - its ohh so quiet

    Hi, I got a 210 e55 and the cat has developed a crack in it and is blowing like mad. Now i think is the time to change it totally, it was too quiet standard i want to put something a bit more throaty on it. Any suggestions?????:D
  4. L

    Milky Residue (ohh err)

    I noticed last week that I had a small amout of yellow/white residue under my oil filler cap so thought Ah! do I have a head gaskett problem. I wiped it clean and again a week later it is back again. This is not thick sludge or even that much, it is very thin and swirled in with the small amount...
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