1. F

    gearbox oil change?

    howdoo i own a 2005 e280 cdi auto which i love.. recently gearbox been juddering under heavy acceleration ? so took it to local mechanic who rang merc dealership only to be told the 7g gearbox is lubed for life no need to change the gearbox oil ever!? doesn't sound right to me, are they...
  2. marty359

    Anyone familiar with Firebird C20 oil boilers?

    Been away for 3 weeks and I normally turn the boiler off but it loses pressure and takes ages to bleed and get running again. This time I left it on, it has a thermal store so thought it would just look after itself, got back on Wednesday and we had hot water for showers, Friday wife rings and...
  3. estate-agent

    Checking oil level CLK 320 CDI Sport

    Hi all, Probably a dumb question but I'm struggling with finding oil level check on speedo cluster. I don't have the handbook to check the "how to". It's easy on my 270 CLK as it's a simple option from steering wheel controls, not so it seems on my 320 CDI Sport! I have tried putting the...
  4. AngryDog

    2004 (54 reg) W211 E55 Oil cooler

    Is this likely to be below my radiator? I want to fit a larger Heat Exchanger but I have read that some cars have the oil cooler in the way? Thanks.
  5. C

    W169 A Class Diesel In Oil

    Please help! I have a 2010 W169 A180 Mercedes, unfortunately diesel is making its way into the sump (relatively quickly, 10mm increase on dipstick after a couple 100 miles). Therefore I have done the following: Replaced the high pressure fuel pump. Had the DPF checked on diagnostics...
  6. T


    Just bought 5ltr engine oil 229.5 from Mercedes Newcastle, it cost £25.65 inc. postage, which i thought was quite a good deal.
  7. rockits

    Engine Oil Explained - MultiGrade vs Synthetic

    For those who always wanted to know or for those who knew but wanted to see it more visually this video I found quite good. https://youtu.be/tYkg0oDUXs8
  8. S

    Oil level help

    2007 w204 220 When engine cold where should the oil level be on dipstick.. I have always been taught at max fill level However A local independent Merc specialist said just over half... seems low to me He said it allows for the oil pressure to rise when warm and at higher...
  9. 5

    150ML Mobil Jet Oil ll For superchargers

    Just finished changing the supercharger oil of my cls55 and got the rest of the Jet oil remaining, For reference I believe this is the M113K engine, so if you have these engines this is the correct oil for you but please do you own research. £12 per bottle Posted send me a PM if interested...
  10. FateSynchro

    E63 5.5, Intercooler and Oil Cooler help???

    Right, So im running a nice tune from msl that takes her to over 700bhp... the problem is with any prolonged use the oil temps and intake temps do start to get up. So to address this is there anything off the shelf that can be used? or would i have to go down the custom route? I want to...
  11. N

    Oil leak. E350cdi w212 2011

    Hi all. I think I've found where there's an oil leak but I don't know what switch it is. Can anyone confirm? TIA
  12. B

    722.6 oil capacity

    I'll be opening my transmission to replace the lockup/pwm solenoid. How much oil will I need to replace what will come out? The oil was changed about 10,000km ago so I'm not looking to do a complete flush. Some places say 3-4 liters, others 6-7..
  13. S

    Steering Oil

    Hi, I have an A180 (W176) year 2013. I want to know where is the steering wheel oil compartment? thank you
  14. E

    throttle valve actuator seals leaking oil.

    Engine oil cooler in our ML250 (reg 2015) was found leaking oil. When the car was brought to the dealership additional problem was diagnosed. Namely "... and also found the throttle valve actuator seals also leaking oil" I am not a mechanic, but what oil should be doing near throttle valve /...
  15. G

    Oil filler cap blown off

    So I was driving my 507 today close to home. Gave it full throttle and then noticed I'd lost power steering and the battery warning message came up. Managed to just get it home - those things without power steering are almost impossible to move! Anyway, opened the bonnet and there was oil...
  16. E

    Engine oil cooler oil leak

    Hi, we bought ML250 a week ago that is 2.6 year old (register in Jan 2015). were very happy with the car, but decided to check it to feel safe. The check reveals Engine oil cooler oil leak (photo attached). The car is still under manufacturer warranty. We are not sure should we just return the...
  17. J

    C63 Servicing (Gearbox Oil & Filter)

    Hi All, My 2014 C63 (standard) is up for a service and to maintain the extended warranty (purchased by the previous owner) I need to get it serviced by a main dealer. Whilst I'm reasonably happy to do this, they tell me that in addition to the standard service at £339 it also need the air...
  18. Dizz

    Transmission oil change, what else?

    I have booked my 2004 CLK320 (90,000miles) in for a transmission oil change with PCS in a few weeks time, should I be taking the opportunity to get anything else checked or replaced while I'm at it? Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. Fordwick

    Engine oil

    Does anyone know if Synthetic Engine Oil has a "Shelf Life" if kept in a sealed container?
  20. L

    oil level - have i topped up too much?

    hi all, i have an e320 cdi (2003). i've topped up the oil and the level is now showing as 7.3. just wondering if this is too much as I know too much can damage the engine? thanks in advance for any help/advice!
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