1. Palfrem

    Oily matters G 300

    Long shot. Not long after I had my 1994 G 300 petrol, it was dripping oil on my drive. A new head gasket was fitted and the dripping abated. A bit. However. 12 months later. It still deposits oil drips. Not a lot but enough to annoy. It has 5w 40 oil in it - as per modern MB...
  2. R

    Oily hose under the intake manifold

    Hi What's the function of the hose that goes from the lower crankcase to a t connection between the intake to cylinder 2 and 3? The bottom connection to the crankcase is leaking oil.
  3. J

    Hot oily Smell CLS 500 ?

    Hi, I have a 2008 CLS 500 (5.5 M273 engine), a while back I had a hot oil smell every time I drove it, turns out it was the cam blanking plug on the right hand bank, changed that and the strong oil smell went away. Apart from occasionally I get a similar smell, but not as strong when its been...
  4. B

    Oily smell

    Hey. I keep getting an oily whiff in the cabin of my car. C55 AMG W203. Not always, but enough to warrant me putting an air freshener in. Is this normal for these? It runs fine, no unusual noises or knocking, and no sign of leaks on my drive. Am I just being paranoid? Not overly bothered if its...
  5. OJLane

    Oily deposits from exhaust

    Hi all, I have a 2003 C270CDI and I have recently been getting black oily / greasy deposits over the back of the car, obviously from the exhaust. What could this be? I also seem to have an oil leak somewhere around the Turbo and the separator I think needs replacing as it seems to be leaking...
  6. Marvin16x

    1988 190E 2.3 – Distributor oily, why?

    Hi everybody, seems like I have nothing better to do at 1 am than thinking about the distributor of my old 190 and how it has been oily for a few years. I found it to be kind of submerged in engine oil about 2 years ago. It looked like this: After a few minutes of cleaning I got it back to...
  7. T

    Faint oily smell from my ML270

    Can anyone help, I'm getting a faint oily smell in the cabin of my ml270. It isn't present all the time only every now and then and the car doesn't have any oil leaks that I can see. Has anybody got any idea what it could be?
  8. L

    C200 W202 rear diff oily....

    Hi all. I did the front discs and pads on my car today, and whilst it was on stands I had a look around underneath. Everything seemed to look pretty good for a 17 year old motor, apart from the rear diff, which had a coating of thick oil, almost like grease in consistency, and gritty (no...
  9. S

    ye olde oily spark plug fable

    hi can anyone resolve this? number six pot is burning some oil and it fouls up the plug pretty quickly. I've been told to put a 'hotter' spark plug which will burn some of the oil off....but which one? I already tried an NGK A6FS. Should i go even hotter? all advice greatly appreciated. m...
  10. W

    210 2.8 What is this, and why is it oily?

    Just checking over the car this weekend, i noticed evidence of oil exiting the engine (not a leak, as such) and wondered what this component is? I'm looking at the rectangular component just to the left of the oil filter housing. It has ribs around its surface and two metal pipes going into...
  11. R

    oily MAF sensor cured

    something i wanted to share with you guys, as i've got lots of help here in the past... my c200k has been into MB so many times they think i work there ! new MAF, limp mode, engine light and plenty of shoulder shrugging. they told me engine could be knackered which i refused to believe with 70k...
  12. billywhiz

    Oily Matters - Big Service coming up - Anything else to check ?

    Got the 55 booked in for a biggy in the next few weeks as she's reached 100k. Runs fine at the moment but going in for : Full service inc plugs/all filters change. Replacing both rocker cover gaskets due to a bit of weeping. Gearbox Oil Change Diff oil change TC inspection Brake Inspection (...
  13. H

    Bellhousing oily (w210)

    The bottom of my w210's bellhousing has a wet/oily patch (oil not atf). Is this something to worry about or a case of they all do that? thanks
  14. G

    Err...strange clear oily liquid leaking from front of Transmission (not trans fluid)

    Sorry for all the transmission questions...I drove my car around today and then got under it to do some preliminary research on the ATF change. I then i noticed this strange clear yellowish fluid leaking onto the floor, from the front of the transmission (is that the torque converter)? It was...
  15. P

    windscreen oily film

    more than an ansswer than a question when it rains and the wipers are going i had an oily film on the outside of my windscreen , clears after a couple of seconds after the wiper stroke,new blades on too. have tried numerous household and automative glass cleaners, fairy liquid, vingar and new...
  16. thedoc01

    strange oily substance under my 124 coupe

    hi all.quick query for you guys ,my son in law came in the other night and said "nei your cars leaking oil",obviously shocked i ran outside for a quick inspection and true there was an oil pool near my car but not under it so i thought nothing of it,however next morn as i left for work there...
  17. N

    white smoke -not oily-, burning rubber smell, dpf?

    is it possible? I've a clk 320 cdi with dpf and it happens sometimes... maybe once a month. is it normal? thanks
  18. H

    Oily and golden

    '94 W202 c180 Was hoping to catch some advice on what oil to get. I heard that German cars work well with Castrol edge (Halfrauds £45 with free toolbox) but 0W40 seems very performance-related, and there was another at 5W40 or so. Im sure EDGE is good but I want to know which visc grade...
  19. Arthur Daley

    W126 Oily Smell

    When standing in traffic or stopping at lights etc I get oily fumes in the cabin.......seems to be through the heater but can also smell it outside. Any ideas anyone? Could it be something as simple as someone using rubbish oil at the last oil change? Cheers
  20. J

    Oily deposits from RHS weeps holes in sill of W211

    I've noticed some oily liquid coming out of the weep holes fitted along the RHS of the sill on my W211. Does anyone know if there are hydaulic or fuel pipes in this area??
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