1. CLSMark

    Just papped a goldie oldie.

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  2. E

    New Oldie

    Hi A quick intro have changed network provider so now have new email couldn't change it on here so I was formally mdstravel now I am ercans.:thumb:
  3. W

    An oldie ... ponton ..

    Not my thing but interesting ... Mercedes 180d Ponton | eBay
  4. davidbilyk

    An Oldie but a Noobie at the same time!!

    Howdy everyone!!! Been a member for a while but went over to the dark side!!! S4 and then a 645 Convertible (insert hairdresser comment here!!) I am now back behind the 3 pointed star!!! Well almost ;-)
  5. S

    MAF for a 300e oldie?

    Hi MBC folk i just heard from a mechanic here in Beirut that a 1987 300E doesn;t have a MAF. Is he right? I'm confused as what is that little module which sticks into the wind pipe going into the air filter assembly then? And do i need to clean the tip of what i believe looks like some kind of...
  6. Howard

    Another oldie but goodie ....

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnEloOXJa-g&mode=related&search= Check out the understatement of the century at 1.41 :rolleyes:
  7. Howard

    An oldie but a goodie ...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezs0BQbUJL8&mode=related&search= Check out the acceleration out of the last corner ..... :eek:
  8. J

    My "oldie"

    Hi, Here a picture of my 450SEL 6.9 Its not as new as all the beautifull Benzes i find here, but this site wasnt available in the 70's :D Regards, Jacob www.procee.com (for more pictures)
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