1. s500colin

    Congratulations Pauline and Olly

    Just noticed on the PCS Facebook page that Pauline and Olly got married today CONGRATULATIONS :thumb::thumb: I hope you've had a wonderful day and wish you all the best for the future
  2. Trucknightmares

    For Olly @ PCS

    Please could you quote me for re-coding the central locking on my Vito as currently all doors except the offside sliding door unlock via the keyfob. Apparently, this is a spec option during build for security. Contact via reply, phone or email 07983 740680 trucknightmares@gmail.com Thanks...
  3. d w124

    Happy Birthday Olly

    Have a nice one mate
  4. C43AMG

    Many thanks Olly (PCS)

    Took the CL down to Olly's for an "A" Service + Replace the Four Accumulators + Rocker Cover Gaskets and the Brake fluid changed. What a difference it has made to the suspension, the reason I had the Accumulators changed was a Forum member ( Alexanderfoti ,many thanks ) had the same symptoms...
  5. Lenny63

    Olly @ PCS

    Hello All This will come as no surprise , but I want to thank Olly for his offer of support and guidance about a car I was potentially going to buy I had PM'd him for some guidance on common fails of the ML55 as I saw one I really liked at the right price He asked me to call him and he was...
  6. Howard

    Olly in BEN magazine

    Check this out ! Ollys famous.
  7. C43AMG

    Olly @ PCS

    Had the engine management light come on the S-Class a couple of days ago :eek: As you know it is a working car and being very busy i needed it fixed asap. Phoned Olly, bring it down tomorrow, which I did first thing ( 08.30 ). Jack put it on the Star. Right pre-cat O2 sensor, phoned MB...
  8. jotter22

    Thanks to olly and all at PCS.

    I would like to thank olly and the crew at PCS for the work done on my clk A service, Poly v belt, activated charcoal filter.........Not to forget the once over checking a small vibration that turned out to be slightly buckled wheels. The work was carried out without fault very reasonably...
  9. B

    Thanks to Olly @ PCS

    Renntech V3 lowering module ordered at a very good price so thank you. Something else in the large pile of bits to fit to the SL!
  10. JRH30

    Thanks Olly and the Guys at PCS!!

    Just had the Quaiffe LSD fitted and a service done at PCS. Great service, loan car and job finished earlier than expected. Now planning the secondary cats and resonators being removed and the Renntech Lowering module fitted. Lovely drive back up the A3 with the roof down. LSD feels great and car...
  11. jukie

    Thanks to Olly @ PCS

    Only right and proper to acknowledge Olly taking a few minutes out of his busy day to talk with a complete stranger (me!) and give advice over the 'phone concerning a potential purchase, . Thank you, Olly, very much appreciated. A true gent. :thumb:
  12. Andre

    Another PCS recomendation

    I've just had my CLK55 AMG serviced at PCS, an A service plus spark plugs, gearbox fluid & filter change, brake fluid, rocker cover gaskets and a four wheel alignment check/adjust. The above was completed between 9am and 4pm, I was given a free loan car and there was no additional work...
  13. BenzedUP

    Olly PCS

    Just a quick thank you to Olly at PCS for fitting my Eurocharged pulley on my AMG, as always a perfect job and great free advice along the way. See you soon for my gearbox service :) Cheers.
  14. C43AMG

    The Mr Thread should read thanks Olly (PCS)

    The Mr Thread sould read Many thanks Olly
  15. C43AMG


    I took a client down to Havant which was one junction passed Olly's, so i thought I'd pop in for a cup of tea and a catch up. I have the side window blinds on the S-Class and on the way down the she wanted to lower the blind to look at the amazing frosted trees. Stuck would not go down...
  16. D

    Big thanks to Olly and all at PCS

    Called PCS yesterday to book a service and investigate a cel light. Less than 24 hours later, all done. Did the 4 hour round trip today. Cel caused by a loose pipe (phew). Big thumbs up for Olly and all at PCS. Well worth the journey for me, (even though with the petrol it brings this above...
  17. BenzedUP

    Olly @ PCS

    Just want to say thanks again to Olly for taking the time to get a few bits done on my 320. Excellent, quality service as always, which seems to get better and better every time..:thumb: Highly recommended. Cheers, Jo.
  18. petermansell

    A message for Olly at PCS

    I couldn't PM Olly as his mail box is full so for others reading this I am the bloke that sold him my beloved CLK55 AMG last March (delimited and with LSD and H&R anti-sway bars fitted). Hi Olly, so how are you getting on with M8 PFM? Have you sold it or tracked it yet? Its taken me forever...
  19. B

    Another thanks to Olly and PCS

    Another happy customer of Olly's. Took my car down to Horndean, from London, and PCS sorted out its suspension, rear diff, blower and various other bits and pieces. The car now drives beautifully. :) Although PCS isn't the most convenient place to take my car, I'll certainly be returning...
  20. C43AMG

    Olly - PCS

    Spent a most enjoyable morning down at Olly's on Thursday. Had the oil and filter changed and Olly gave the car a thorough inspection + The SRS light had come on ( Faulty Seat Belt ) and the Keyless Go O/S door handle button was not locking the car ( Faulty Button ) Met Ricky ( Of Goodwood...
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