1. D

    Using onboard internet services

    Hi all, Has anybody any idea how to get internet/internet radio to work? I have a April 2017 C63s and every time I try to use(doesn't matter where) it comes up with unable to connect to data at this time. I have an iPhone 7 fully connected to car as well just in case it uses that for internet...
  2. uumode

    Accuracy of onboard tyre pressure measurements?

    My tyres should be at 255kPa or 36.99 psi Digital pump on petrol station forecourt is set to 2.55 bar (=255kPa) so all 4 tyres should be at 2.55 bar or 255kPa The car's own electronic reading shows Front NS = 270 Front OS = 265 Rear NS = 263 Rear OS = 255 Not overly...
  3. L

    W163 ML270 Retrofit Onboard Trip Computer

    Hi Ive read loads of guides and forum threads on retrofitting the onboard computer. Ive got a couple of questions and was wondering if anyone on here had done this and could share their experiences. 1) why do some people cut a hole in the lens? Presumably factory fit would show through the...
  4. 350cls

    cls350 gone e55 amg onboard.

    Have parted with cls350 which I truly loved. Fantastic car to buzz around in. Great looks and cocoon like cabin very smart and happy place to be. The E55 what can I say, pure Brutal speed, Nascar like. A true animal. I think I have a keeper here. :thumb:
  5. MrLahey

    Finally, a whole day spent with the C63 & discovered on-board HDD..yay!!

    Hi all, Got the car last week, but work projects etc. had limited my time with the car when I first got her. Took her for a day out in Dover. Good fun and the car got some positive attention from folk which I didn't expect. This morning, I was trying to play music via my Nokia Lumia 930...
  6. The _Don

    Chris harris video: Mclaren 650s onboard

  7. E

    Which Onboard Video Camera?

    Good morning all. I'm thinking of buying my son an onboard video camera setup for his car, and I get the impression there are a fair few in this forum who already have one. Does anyone have any recommendations, for or against, regarding particular brands and models? E55BOF
  8. C

    Children onboard

    Sometimes we need to leave the car for a while,but children are inside.air conditioner need to be running so we cant ignition off.is that possible??can we leave the vehicle while its still running?
  9. W

    Homemade rocket - onboard video

    It's quite something what people can make in their garden sheds these days. Go to 3:00 for the on-board footage. rvDqoxMUroA
  10. iscaboy

    New Jag crashed, literally, because of computers onboard

    Slashdot | New Jaguar XJ Suffers Blue Screen of Death also at Jaguar XJ Super Sport goes all Blue Screen of Death on us | Crave | CNET UK Modern cars are no mere mechanical devices. They're pervasively monitored and controlled by dozens of computers linked by internal vehicular networks so...
  11. u01vfc8

    W203 Onboard Computer cannot find the "Convenient/ce" option in the Settings menu...

    Anyone can explain why I cannot find this option in the onboard computer as I am trying to set my folding mirrors to fold automatically when I lock the car and deploy back when unlocking...It is a 56 plate C180k SE Elegance. Thanks. :confused:
  12. kop-al-74

    Onboard computer navigation menu's.....

    I have had my C230 06 avantgarde sport 7-Gtronic for a week now and have been slowly familiarising myself with the various features it has.Other than memory seats and parking sensors,it seems fully loaded with command aps. I was reading the manual and it refers to different options within the...
  13. W210 Fan

    CLR onboard video

    How fast is this thing!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv8LZpFl4fc
  14. T

    How accurate are Onboard mileage computers

    This is the first time I have had such a gadget as a feature on my car and I would be interested to know how they work and how accurate they are. I guess the car can record the mileage covered accurately and with fuel injection technology they should be able to count (or compute) the number of...
  15. C

    onboard computer codes

    Found this from a military site, please don't view if you are offended by explicit language, I think it rather funny, you could compare it with the MB stealerships,ie. ££££'s, http://strategypage.com/messageboards/messages/532-146.asp
  16. SilverSaloon

    features of the onboard computer

    hi can anyone list the different features/displays of the onboard computer facelift models have? ie mpg readout etc etc thanks in advance Derek
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