1. brucemillar

    View your driving licence on-line
  2. Psilonaught

    UK based online parts site?

    Guys i need to order the below parts for my rear e63 AMG valence. Is there a UK site that would have then to order online? I can only find german and US based ones?? (Mercedes) OE-Nr: A212885502 (Mercedes) OE-Nr: A2128855321 (Mercedes) OE-Nr: A2128855421
  3. 2

    Comand Online Destination rename

    Does anyone know how you can rename a destination on the W213 Comand online system. If you save as a global favourite then you can rename but that clutters up the Favourites menu bar. If you send the destination from your phone using ME it comes up as 'from the phone' or if you select a...
  4. M

    Comand online: SD card & POI & Routes

    Looking for some help please. Some recent versions of Comand have the option to load Personal POIs from SD card and also to load or save routes. For both POIs and routes, this functionality requires gpx files of the correct format to be copied to the SD card in specific folders (this is...
  5. K

    SD Card issues with Comand Online on GLA 220d

    I recently acquired a GLA 220d in the UK, reg April 2016. It has Comand Online. I have been tirelessly trying to add PersonalPOIs to the Navigation system with the sd card but I have not been successful. The spec sheets says that I have Comand NTG 5.5 although I dont know how to confirm that...
  6. S

    Beware of on-line parts supplier

    I need some rear brake components for my Merc E350, did the usual research on which brands are used by Mercedes themselves and then looked for an on-line seller. I came upon "", they showed an excellent choice of products from the best German OEM's, free delivery etc and...
  7. K

    Comand Online retrofitting

    A quick thanks to the guys at Unique Comand Europe Ltd in Surrey for the fantastic job they did retrofitting comand-online NTG5.1 - Apple CarPlay and a reversing camera to my GLE250 W166 - 2017 - superb guys to deal with - very pro and great prices I highly recommend them to anyone looking for...
  8. D

    Live traffic in command online - Is it worth it?

    Hello everyone, I have recently purchased a C63 2014 , i have just had an email from the dealer regarding my subscription for live traffic information is coming to an end. It is worth having this ? Does it work, everyone seems to use Waze now. Package is £39 for one year, or 89 for 3.
  9. A

    Comand Online shutdown ?

    I own a C220d/2016 with Comand Online. Turning it off, it enters a sleep state and promptly wakes up when turned on. After leaving the car for some time, it restarts from the MB Logo. Since the navigation stops working after a few minutes on an un-mapped road, I would like a way to force...
  10. cws196

    How to access MB ESS records online?

    As I recall there is a way to request access from MB, to ESS records relating to your car, but I can't find how to do it. I would like to access such information as which filters were replaced at each service, etc.
  11. gr1nch

    Buying genuine Mercedes parts online

    I'm looking for some add-on parts (Mercedes website calls them accessories) such as the boot tub and am interested in finding alternatives to the main dealer. I'd hoped there was a sticky on this, but can't find one. * Do main dealers compete with each other on price, as they with cars, or is...
  12. markjay

    Selling my car - Online valuations - advice appreciated

    Been thinking of selling my car. So I obtained some online valuations. Car is: C180K, 4dr, 2006, 58k miles, Obsidian Black, Automatic, two owners from new, full service history (part-franchised part-specialist), 3 months MOT, COMMAND, non-leather seats. Not import, never been in a crash, no...
  13. D

    Comand Online in France

    Does the Comand Online SatNav system allow you to use postal codes in France eg 92100 the same as using post codes in the UK?
  14. S

    Mercedes InCar Internet (NOT WiFi Hotspot! As in Online functions for NTG 3/3.5)

    Hi Guys, I have a copy of ASRA and WIS and I have found instructions on there to retrofit InCar Internet - which is not and nothing to do with incar hotspot; Internet in your car It is operation item 82-7569-02 on ASRA (1.8hrs work) and its document number AZ82.85-P-0005SC I wonder...
  15. adrianlobont

    Command Online 4.5 Map Update

    Hi everyone, I'm going for an A service at Mercedes Dartford in January and I just wounder how much will cost me to add a full map update to my E class coupe 350-TDI. The map I have is from 2013. Thanx
  16. wongl

    Euro Car Parts -50% Off All Oils Online

    Just got email saying all oils 50% with code OIL50 .
  17. B

    W204 Comand online intermittent gps

    Hi All. I'm new here. 1st post on the forum and only three days into MB ownership, I already have a question. On thursday I bought a 2011 C220 estate 125 edition. I have the comand online system I used the sat nav to get me home. Worked a treat. But all weekend the satnav hasn't been picking...
  18. P

    W213 COMAND online map update stuck on 66%

    So it's great the new version of COMAND can be updated offer the air, a good improvement over my old W212, but the first map update took ages to download (several hours driving) and is now stuck at 66% installing and has been for two weeks! Not a great result. Bit reluctant to reset system as it...
  19. S

    'Must Use' Comand Online Features

    Hi all, Sorry for posting non-stop but thought I'd ask the question - What (in your opinions) are the must use Comand Online features in you MB's? There are a few things I want to do but can't (yet) find a way to actually do it eg: I'd like one button access to my speed dials. Any thoughts??
  20. E

    Money Claim Online?

    I would welcome a little advice on this. I recently bought a Japanese motorcycle, advertised as a 2013 model, from a trader. The same trader had two virtually identical 2010 motorcyles for sale at substantially lower prices. Note, please, that I would not have paid the price I did if I had known...
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