1. A

    Facelift w211 sport grill (06 onwards)

    Hi guys, Anyone have one spare? My 211 came with an aftermarket grill with the big star in the middle which I'm not a fan of. It needs to be the sport item so black and chrome and close to mint condition. If no luck on here I'll buy from the stealers. Cheers
  2. amg3.6

    Anyone breaking 2005 onwards facelift ML?

    Hey guys as Above I require driver side wing driver side wing mirror with wiring loom and driverside headlight looking for parts in silver.
  3. O

    2012 onwards ML350 Bluetec

    Would be interested to hear from owners what they're like?, I was thinking about getting a slightly older GL but would rather have the later generation ML for not a lot more money. From what I've read they seem to have pretty positive reviews and are all Euro 6 so I shouldn't need to worry about...
  4. H

    C Class 2014 onwards (Brakes & Tyres)

    Please could I ask some opinions on brakes and tyres of this model? Could I ask in your replies whether you own this particular model and what variation? We own a C220d Sport Estate (S205) from new (bought December 2014) and have had to replace tyres and rear discs and pads at what I consider...
  5. J

    Comand APS NTG3 2015 onwards update

    I'm looking to obtain the update disc for the NTG3 Comand APS system in the C216 CL (pre-facelift) in case anyone has a 2014/15 one or newer they no longer need. Thank you!
  6. merc85

    w211 (04) No cruise 60mph onwards

    A friend of mine has a 2004 e-class e320 cdi, The cruise control has stopped working at speeds 60 + mph. But fine upto 60mph. Any ideas on whats up??
  7. Ajay Bhatoa

    Did Mercedes upgrade speaker system from 63 plate onwards?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if Mercedes updated the standard speakers or amp on the audio 20 system from 13 to 63 plate. I have noticed a few differences between the two, mainly that the sidelight symbol doesn't light up on the older car, the sound system seems much weaker and distorts more and...
  8. R

    Wanted CLK 320 Sport 2004 onwards

    Hi I am looking for a CLK coupe for the wife. We would prefer 320 diesel sport. Petrol considered as long as its not the £500 tax bracket. Must have command. Please get in touch. Thanks Ian
  9. PenelopePitstop

    SLK55 2014 onwards

    Exterior: -white, blue, red but consider other colours except black. Interior: -love beige interior but will consider grey or black without red stitching or red with good exterior combo. Must have: -airscarf -folding mirrors Nice to have: -clock -black ash wood -other extras
  10. T

    Buying MB Viano - 2.2 vs 3.0 (2010 onwards) - buyer's guide

    All, I am thinking about buying a Mercedes Viano, post 2010 so it would be post facelift. I am after either the long or extra-long version. I would be grateful to hear from Viano users about pros and cons of each engine. Viano would be used as a weekend case or road trip holiday car. It...
  11. BIRMA

    2012 onwards SLK owners experience

    A good friend of mine who I met back in the days when we had Subaru SVX's is thinking of changing his Mazda MX5 for a facelift SLK. I have suggested he joins this forum to get advice but just in case he doesn't are there any owners who could offer any advice regarding running costs, spec etc.
  12. L

    Wanted: W221 S320CDi 2007 onwards

    Hello, I am looking to buy W221 S320 CDi mileage up to 80k please let me know if you interested to sell yours... cash is waiting, I just sold CLS320 but can't find any interesting S320. Kind regards Michal P.S. You can email me also on s320@constans.uk
  13. W

    Used MB CLS 2011 onwards what extras should I be looking for when buying?

    Hi guys Looking to get myself a CLS 250 or 350 AMG Sport 2011 onwards. Are there any optional extras to the car that I should look out for when looking for the right one? Thanks.
  14. H

    R171 SLK200 wanted 2008 onwards

    As above, I'm on the lookout for my sister. Black, white or silver, with leather and heated seats essential. Auto only. Miles under/around 60k and full history required. Any info/leads appreciated! :)
  15. mbenz1977

    WANTED!!! Anyone selling any Mercedes 2004 onwards clk or c class saloons

    WANTED!!! Anyone selling any Mercedes 2004 onwards clk or c class saloons. cash waiting £500-£1500. Call 07944594949.
  16. ioweddie

    Tell me about the B Class 2013 Onwards any good?

    I fancy a high up driving position, got a c220 sport plus but thinking about a B Class, any comments good or bad please.:dk:
  17. dokalj

    W203/ CL203 Coupe Late 2004 onwards Facelift AMG Bumper

    Hi all, I hope all is well with each forum member. As per the title, I am looking for good and un-cracked front bumper for a reasonable price. Thanks in advance. J
  18. M

    WANTED: 2009 Onwards CLS500 or CLS350 CGI

    Greetings all... I am currently looking for a CLS500 (5.5L version) or CLS350 CGI (petrol), only main constraint is that it has to be a 2009 model or later. Preferable specs include: -Dark colour e.g. black or dark blue -AMG bodykit -Beige Leather -Sunroof -Face-lifted model -Mileage 70k max...
  19. E

    ECP Branches 2014 and onwards....

    Hi All! Its amazing but we're only 3 months into the year - and we've already opened 12 new branches! These have been opened so quickly, we've not been able to shout about them as much as we'd like - but we think its about time to let you all know of them! Weymouth - Euro Car Parts...
  20. D

    Wanted - E211 2007 onwards E220 avantgarde with Nav

    Not too concerned with high miles, has to be diesel auto, ideally silver so doesn't need a wash often!
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