1. Sp!ke


    Well that is a bit embarrasing. :fail
  2. A150

    Ooops!. Spy car gets clobbered by a bus.

    In our local weekly free rag this week. A spy car parked up and the driver opened his car door just as a bus was passing by. Here's the end result.......
  3. Howard


    'Ring Taxi In Eight-Car Nordschleife Pile-Up - PistonHeads Headlines
  4. stwat

    Ooops!! slightly 'grazed' my Car Today !!

    A bloody gatepost jumped out at me from nowhere !! :wallbash::wallbash:
  5. tlzeebub

    Ooops I've sprung a leak

    I noticed a damp patch on the road outside my house the other day which would appear to be diesel so had a look under the car and sure enough it is, there would appear to be 2 rubber fuel hoses that go to the front of the cylinder head presumably onto some kind of pump and it would seem that...
  6. P

    OOOPS! (not me!)

    thought I'd share this with you......quite satisfying really! anywqay, there I was , stationary in my New (to me) C estate when a numpty reverses into the back real damage to my car but thought I'd better exchange details as a) legally required to and b) incase I later find some...
  7. MercFanUk

    Ooops! Lucky escape!

    Poor sod! BBC News - Mystery of dangling US vehicle
  8. D


    Doesn’t the CLK have parking sensors? | Mercedes Talk .. :doh:
  9. A170 Blue

    Ooops I forgot too!!!

    Have been on the forum for several months now and never got round to posting in this section. I am Steve, living in Cambridgeshire and despite the misleading forum name, I drive an A180 Avantgarde Blue Efficiency 1.7 Petrol 3 door with quite a few "bells and whistles" fitted........(cruise...
  10. A

    ooops there goes another civil liberty

    The Court of Appeal has passed a historic ruling allowing the first ever criminal trial to be heard without a jury. 'Three judges in London, headed by the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, gave the go-ahead because of a "very significant" danger of jury tampering. Lord Judge said the case...
  11. R

    Ooops somethings gone wrong!

    A rare post indeed from me but R2 has developed a problem:eek: The drivers mirror has stopped indicating and adjusting up and down but despite the fault showing in the cluster, the mirror will indicate when the mirror is folded in! I'm having it sorted at the weekend but have been warned it...
  12. A

    Is there any allowance over the speed limit? ooops

    OK, So the day started bad, people with little ones will understand. My turn to drop her off at Grandmas 30 mins away.. Left the house with little un and her stuff got a mile down the road (in a que) and I get a call from the Mrs, I've forgotten her clothes....aarrgghh Round the...
  13. Sp!ke

    Ooops, that's a bit deep.

    So a mate of mine borrowed the limo for the week for a family holiday and in return he lent me his Toyota Hilux pickup (you know, the one they couldn't kill on top gear). His parting words were to abuse it and take it off-road and stuff and have fun. So today in my lunch break, a colleague...
  14. anarchy-inc

    Ooops . . .

  15. J

    Ooops!!! broken indicator lens

    :( Having decided to re-arrange my door mirror using my car port I now know what people pay for the 'folding door mirrors' option; anyway So, anyone know how (the easy way) to replace the door mirror indicator lens on a W203???? £16.70 for the lens itself...yoinks!! Cheers
  16. pammy


    oh dear!
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